Show Pre-Season – 15 Days countdown

I’d love to have the time to be able to document everything that goes into getting the Show off the ground – in many ways it’s a bit like a rocket launch with so much tech and other stuff involved (BUT without things exploding) .

From a production point of view a few key events since our last post –

  • A lot of setup and testing including a new livestream video and audio switch. At some stage I’ll do a detailed explanation.
  • A lot of video editing.
    • The thing about new businesses is that everything has to be created – from logos, to digital assets, to videos and so on. A ten minute video edit can take hours organising all the other bits and pieces.
    • The deadline is tomorrow and I’m having to go through all the clips we shot the other day looking for the best sound bites.
    • Another bane for all video editors is searching for interview soundbites – I’ve tested Trint, a video transcriber service today and I’m very impressed.
  • Implementation of own video player (hopefully this works below). Update – YES!!!! (Just saved a thousand bucks in the process!).
  • I’ll now have to look into new video hosting – potentially Amazon Web Services or another CDN.
  • Twitter account added

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