Ship IT – Naked Punt pre show launch & NRL Tipping Comp

There’s always an element of nervousness that you get when you launch something new – even if you have a whole lot of experience, the question of whether it will deliver and how the audience (you) will respond?

As a business owner you can’t procrastinate waiting till everything is perfect, it never will be, so there’s the need to “Ship IT” as soon as possible. Having a deadline means we have to/ had to! (13 days, 3 hours, 52 minutes to go)

So, with just two weeks to go to the NRL season kick-off we soft-launched this show yesterday morning with a promo video for our NRL Tipping Comp. The clip uploaded to Naked Punt Facebook page and then shared through our hosts Don Rogers, Aaron Raper, Brett Maxworthy, Ben Ross and our EP (Executive Producer) Scott Maxworthy pages.

Fast forward to right now and we’ve had a pretty good response with over 225 Facebook Followers and 1,000 views of our videos. Our NRL Tipping Comp now with 27 players (including footy legend and Survivor contestant Mat Rogers). This puts us into the Top 10 Public NRL Tipping Comps (but we are not appearing…..yet!).

Thanks to everyone so far for joining, sharing and spreading the word.

The next stage is to get the website up and running properly (mobile site not rendering properly) , locking down the show format, a whole lot of creative elements to produce, more testing and getting some sponsors on board.

Till next time –

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