ICYMI – The Naked Punt Footy Show – Season Opener – S01 EP01

Aaron Raper with special guest the Big Marn Darryl Brohman

Transcript (Beta)

Scott: [00:05:40] LIVE.

Brett: [00:05:41] Hi and welcome to the first episode of “The Naked Punt” we’re live raw and real. How are you Donnie?.

Don: [00:05:48] I’m very well Brett it’s great. I’m excited to be in Big Dog Studios for our first episode it’s awesome to be and how’s Aaron?

Aaron: [00:05:55] I’m really good mate I’m pumped and I’m ready to go. I’m looking forward to all those comments that everyone saying I’m looking forward to a good season of football.

Brett: [00:06:02] This is a sport show that’s been developed for you the true sports lovers. So if you want to be involved and you want to get on line get on board and Donnies got some information about how to get onside and find out what’s happening.

Don: [00:06:14] That’s the way. Yeah we’re all about fan engagement here at the Naked Punt we’ve got a couple of awesome initiatives to get you guys involved. The first thing we want you to do though is as always the first order of business hit that Like and the Share button and let’s get this going out to as many of the football family as we can end and send us your comments. I wanna know firstly where you guys are? Leave me a comment let me know where you are watching from? And and also connect with us on Instagram. You can hit us with the hashtag #NakedPunt. We’ll have some gallery shots coming up in the next episode of.

Brett: [00:06:45] Fan engagement there – that’s what we’re after. And Aaron, you’ve got some topics that have bought up this evening.

Aaron: [00:06:54] Yeah well there’s a few things we’ve got going as well. I got some gifts we’re gonna be out to give it away throughout the year and I’m really looking forward to it like we said that that fan engaged it’s really important to us to have a but we got other topics I know Don he’s got a nice little special guest later on that he wants to have a yarn with.

Don: [00:07:10] Yeah we do.

Brett: [00:07:10] He excited isn’t he?

Aaron: [00:07:10] You I know he’s [Special Guest] come a long way hasn’t he.

Don: [00:07:13] He has come a long way our Special Guest don’t worry make sure you stick around because we do have in our first episode our very first special guest coming in so make sure you guys are at the ready for that and I’ll tell you what I’m excited that I’ve got a little Q Here to talk about the news and the biggest thing that I think’s newsworthy is we are on the eve of 2019 season proper. I mean this time tomorrow we’re gonna be sitting in our lounge rooms watching the first game of the NRL season which we just brought Broncos V Melbourne Storm down in Melbourne and I’m excited we’re going to break down the games a little bit later with our special guest and it’s great to have you guys on board. Make sure you’re hitting the like, the share, let us know where you’re watching.

Brett: [00:07:53] All right.

Aaron: [00:07:54] We’ve also got a poll that we want you to get involved with as well every week we’re going to ask you a question and we want you to respond back to us to see what what your what your response was whether you like it or whether we’re going to opinion on it because it’s the start of the season. We want to know what your opinion is of the commercial that the NRL have put out to promote our fantastic game.

Brett: [00:08:14] Great commercial isn’t it.

Aaron: [00:08:18] ahhh I don’t know mate Seriously I thought I thought with all the money they’ve got those blokes in there they they’ll put it in their pockets they’re not doing bloody good stuff with it because of that commercials rubbish I reckon. What do you reckon Donnie?

Don: [00:08:26] Yeah well I actually didn’t mind. I mean did you have a lot of football but it does show you know that the one thing you know to Taumalolo that they’re talking with his old man in the sheds. About to walk out on the ground looks at the sun and remember who you play for son and who these guys do play for are you guys. The members say if you’re not a member of your respective team make sure you hit the website of whichever club you follow whether it be you know sharks or sharks and getting involved and get your membership card.

[00:08:53] Can’t we get Tina Turner back And get Tina Turner.

[00:08:54] Oh that was good.

[00:08:55] That was awesome. What about the goodlooking. Well what about the good looking footballers that they had on there.

[00:09:00] Oh I don’t think any of those guys are good sorts bring back ET he’s a good sort He’s a good sort ET .

[00:09:06] Still gets his hair done at the same barber the same place. We might cut to an ad and we’ll be back shortly.

Ben: [00:09:12] Hi I’m Ben Ross.

Aaron: [00:09:14] I’m Aaron Raper,.

Brett: [00:09:14] I’m Brett Maxworthy.

Don: [00:09:14] And I’m Don Rogers.

Brett: [00:09:17] Welcome to the naked punt.

Don: [00:09:18] Hit the link and join the naked punt footy tipping come right now.

Aaron: [00:09:24] You know what. Life’s always better naked.

Brett: [00:09:29] Hi. we’ve got Rapers Rant rain and I’m going to talk to Aaron and Aaron’s got something to say haven’t you Aaron. Oh I.

Aaron: [00:09:35] With them. I’ve always had something to say.

Aaron: [00:09:38] I’ve read the Monitor a little bit of an issue with the NRL at the moment the way they’re taking care of the salary cap issues that we’ve had and we’ve had throughout the years. I mean this has been going back a long time when I when I was playing have having issues with them as well and they’ll throw out fine but I just want to know if they’re doing a good enough job in their governance of the salary cap. I know I’ve had plenty of fines being thrown out but all that does is just destroy clubs. The sharks have had a massive fine put on initiate know the Melbourne Storm of copped it. The Bulldogs have copped it on just about every club’s copped it and I just want to know what they’re doing about it and of course it hurts everything hurts NRL hurts a product hurts everything about the end of the game and especially not with the sponsors the supporters especially because we have not seen our outside been destroyed by the. You get the points getting deducted off you or you lose a player all or you get fined seven hundred fifty thousand dollars which is ludicrous for four something that the players have nothing to do with they’ve got nothing to do with it not what I’m signed to the NRL is that you need to take more goverence all over the clubs so what you got to do is you got to put more people on board and hire more people to do the auditing of the salary cap and I don’t care if you take fifty thousand dollars out of this out of each team’s salary cap gives us eight hundred thousand to be able to spend to make sure these clubs are playing fair because at the end of the day players want to win comps we want to do it fairly we don’t want we don’t want anyone having performance enhancing drugs and we want to be able to play against a side that hasn’t been stacked and you know I just I just think it’s it’s just ludicrous the way that I go here’s 13 million dollars or whatever it is go do your best that the game is bigger than that.

Don: [00:11:15] So Rapes here to take 50 grand off and employ the the salary cap police?.

Don: [00:11:20] Are definitely going to leave it up for you. But here is what I’d like to bring up we’ve just got our first comment that I think.

Don: [00:11:29] Is worth a mention. Mat Rogers has joined us up here. The brother up in Queensland north of the border reckons you’ve still got a great head for radio Rapes. [6.3]

Don: [00:11:36] Well done that. Keep my comments coming in.

Don: [00:11:39] We’ve got guys in Darwin Engadine we’ve got Luke Liza James. Jason Mainwaring up there on the Central Coast. KIM WILLIAMS In Darwin make sure you keep sending us your comments if you’ve got any feedback or questions we have as was preloaded earlier. Our very first very special guest joining us in Big Dog Studios for the naked punt. And here he is right now. It is the big man Darryl Brohman – how are you Darryl?

Darryl Brohman: [00:12:04] Great to be here – reached great heights to have gone from the Footy Show to The Naked Punt on an upward spiral.

Don: [00:12:18] It’s a great honour that I’m in the studio but what what I’m interested to hear from you might is firstly just generally what excites you about the 2019 season.

Darryl Brohman: [00:12:26] But I’ll just be glad when it starts I mean it’s been a horror season for the NRL and I’m thrilled the players want to play footy now and I think the competition is reasonably leveller. I think it’s evened up a little bit last year when we. 2018 first to eighth there was only one game in two points and then there was a reasonable get back to ninth. But I think this year it will be a little bit closer. I don’t expect too many changes in the top 8 but there will be a great season I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night as well as all the other games it’s going to be terrific.

Don: [00:12:55] Yeah I too am looking for is just great football back on the agenda. We can start watching some games. Tell me who do. Who is your guest Darkhorse horse beauty is the team that might turn a corner.

Darryl Brohman: [00:13:06] I think the Cowboys that an awful year last year and I really don’t know why they had such a bad year last year.

Darryl Brohman: [00:13:11] But now Johnathan Thurston So you think they’d probably go backwards but they won’t go up. WOODS I’ve got no doubt about that they’ve bought very well I think Josh McGuire’s in the street fight for them like it I MacDonald had Bob still been there I think they could have easily won the competition but he’s unfortunately gone through. We all know what. Jordan McClain will play more games this year and I think Michael Morgan will play more games as you say. I think they’re a threat. I think they’re a threat like when the comp or not I don’t know but they’ll be up there.

Don: [00:13:40] Yeah I agree. We’ve had some awesome some some more special guests join us on the viewing line we’ve got Carl Lovell ex Cronulla players join us Adam Wingnut Smith is on board whose body boarding royalty shout out to you wing.

Don: [00:13:54] That’s one word yes and it’s not not Justin. Justin FitzGerlad is going to stay on the south coast so big marn.

Don: [00:14:01] Let me let me also let me also ask you this who we’ve spoken about the hugely Dark Horse What about any our guest young up and comers. Who do you think might be the young young guns tha.

Darryl Brohman: [00:14:13] T I’m going to rap on Victor Radley from the Roosrter as I watched him last year. I like the way he looks after himself off the paddock Tripoli after winning a Grand Final. Didn’t he give himself a hammering mayor. But I think on the paddock he’s a superstar. I like the way he’s tough. There’s not much of tough smart skillful. You know he’s a bit of old school I reckon. And I think you need one of them on each side and then he I think is destined to play higher on as you play for New South Wales. I think in the next couple of years we’ll probably lead on from that to Australia.

Darryl Brohman: [00:14:44] I think he’s a gambler.

Aaron: [00:14:45] He played outstanding last year when it went when he was on the football field and he’s tough as is. He’s durable and like you said he’s not that big but Asami is able to put on some some big shots.

Aaron: [00:14:55] We’ve got a couple of old players as well on for the court. All right. I know little about all this too. Two that come to mind because there’s some great footballers obviously but to come to mind is that Greg Inglis and Benji Marshall now there’s been a lot of talk of Greg as a recent weeks and and how he’s been going with the injuries and whether he’s capable of playing the one or if he’s got enough energy in the legs to be able to play that position.

Aaron: [00:15:22] And then Benji Marshall is the same sort of thing whereas he is as he lost that flair. What’s the what are your thoughts on those two.

Darryl Brohman: [00:15:28] Time will tell about champions. But remember no longer actually watched a video Benji’s greatest tries throughout his career but he scored or set up some of the best trials I’ve ever seen.

Brett: [00:15:38] He was a great touch football player.

Darryl Brohman: [00:15:40] And he was it was right that he is and was a great rugby league player full stop but I think they’ll both be fine Benji you know he’s clearly in the twilight of his career as his guy whether he’s know I had a lot of issues off the paddock that he had to deal with and that’s not good. Whether he came back overweight or not I’m not sure about that he’s still going to need problem but we’ll know. Time will tell. I mean you can’t fake champions in their bench chain.

Don: [00:16:04] Absolutely. I’m talking about you’re on the subject of gee I won one match up. I’m really looking forward to witnessing the first round and it remains to be seen if it comes to passes Latrell Mitchell the young gun the young bull l versus the young bull. We now have the fable goes and who wins that battle but they are two players at the peak of their powers coming together for round one of the NRL. I think it can be. I think it’s can only be a good thing.

Darryl Brohman: [00:16:27] Hopefully he plays Inglis though. There’s a bit of mail about that he might not play but I hope you will if he does and he does face. A little bit of what a clash that’ll be. I mean the trouble Mitchell’s being compared to Greg a few years now and I don’t think they’ve ever actually gone head to head and if Latrell does play opposite. it’ll be phenomenal on Friday night where he is.

[00:16:48] That’s right.

Darryl Brohman: [00:16:49] Listen I think it’ll be a great battle there two great sides and they’re two great players.

Aaron: [00:16:54] It’d be great to see the show how he’s going to handle it because he’d be all over your mouth off. I’ve got you here. He’s a cop and does me a little bit of.

Darryl Brohman: [00:17:02] He might be a little bit I don’t think you’ll be overawed by Greg Inglis but I think you’ll be nervous if he’s up against it. So you know Greg’s a champion in the Troy Mitchell is a future champion.

Don: [00:17:11] Oh I don’t know if you guys got to see it through the week. The NRL released a video through the week of the best of Shawn Johnson and it went for about 11 minutes and I sat back and actually watched that and you know what I’m very excited to see him in in the blue black and white and I’ll tell you what did you pull some of those plays out there on matter all are real. I mean it’s good. It’s easy to look good on a highlight reel but this is some of the calibre those plays are exceptionally he should be nearly the best player in the game.

Don: [00:17:37] But he’s not. You know there’s some with something with the something missing. SHAWN JOHNSON I think it’s a lack of a diver you takes the law in on enough. I think he’s not an able to let’s through the fact that he’s not greedy or what it is but I don’t think he takes the law on enough. He should be a better player the money he is whether he can do that you know giving. I think you have to leave the Warriors. And he’s found a home at the sharks. Sharks are good a good side. They’ll be hard to beat but they need him at his best and he needs to be at his best because he is to me he’s got a favorite to prove.

Don: [00:18:08] Yeah I agree. And Ashley Ashley Williams one of our viewers and a massive SHARKS FAN share. ASHLEY He’s actually asked Ken with you know lose and find out. Ken John Morris step in. Shut up you. And Ken John Morris has a new coach step in and take the boys to the right.

Don: [00:18:24] I believe that you know they’ve got the roster to do it.

Darryl Brohman: [00:18:26] And be support if they don’t make the art.

Brett: [00:18:29] Yeah I think they should have had Moylan has a big lead to at fullback.

Darryl Brohman: [00:18:32] Yeah well he’d probably be more comfortable playing fullback. You know it’s hard to be a new player a side and run the side a little bit Chad I think Chad did a pretty good job of that last year. Ali Moylan was was okay last year without being brilliant. But the last few years I put some quality players the shots look at Aaron Woods there an element Moylan of a Doogan you know they’ve got Josh Morris they never a good Johnson I’ve bought some pretty handy players if.

Aaron: [00:19:00] They’ve lost a couple that is a pile and then I got to say Matt right Isa is mentioned Jesse Raymond they’re gonna be up against him he won’t be. He’d be a big loss but you you’ve got they’ve still got Josh Morrison and Doogan in there and I think that they can stay fit and they can stay there. This international players.

Darryl Brohman: [00:19:17] Val Holmes as well. I mean belt that you can’t replace blokes like Val Holmes in my opinion so and I lots of good players but I’ve got some good players too that they’ll be like.

Don: [00:19:26] Yeah yeah well I type if you have a question for the big man while he’s still on set with us. Send him in if you’ve got a specific question you want to ask Darrel. We’ll pass it on to everyone but all. Good question or two it comes across as always we want to connect with you guys out there in DG Lane. So I’m actually hitting the lock in the shell. Get this going out. Make sure you also connect with this on Instagram. You can send in your photos with the hashtag naked punt and we’re going to feature some of those pics in the gallery. Next week we’ll be showing some of those and maybe giving you guys a chance to win a cooked and co from a good night’s dragon supporters. Luke and Steph up their cooking Co. Cafe awesome organic foods are getting their support those guys at Sans Souci. We’ve also got one of them for you being for coming in so it’s an efficient chill at night and he’s really mad it’s beautiful. Home prepared organic food it’s awesome. You know it’s good.

Darryl Brohman: [00:20:20] What is what do you get them if it’s organic food.

Don: [00:20:35] I send a shout out to a few of my colleagues at Red’s global adjoining looked close and a few of the boys shed. I’m surprised there had been some serious heckling come through from the on the right. Luke Luke saying goodbye to Maddie say goodbye to Maddie from Luke.

Don: [00:20:49] I’ll see you in the crib room tomorrow big fella.

Darryl Brohman: [00:20:51] Effective in Survivor 2 is just right here. We might. Not always on and on and they got rid of it.

Don: [00:20:57] But you know what the river was it was oh as.

Don: [00:21:01] I was up there at Christmas and I walked in the pool room and he had the idol hanging on a wall and I said you know that’s worth half a million.

Don: [00:21:08] So now you went well but they should apply it should apply that right. Leave us your comments your questions your feedback and let’s let’s talk round one. Let’s let’s let’s run through.

Don: [00:21:20] Before we do that actually that’s. We want you guys to be a part of our 2009 a footy tipping competition. The naked punt is all about fan engagement so if you jump on there there’ll be a link down below to the naked punt footy tipping. Get involved. I’m sure the big man is gonna be there to people Aaron’s in there. I mean there Brett Lee Matt Matt Rogers my brother he’s in there there’s some Andrew Voss so come and pick you your put your knowledge and we’re going to have that dress easy is enjoyed. I’m sure you know Shane that you are bringing California Daintree star here lie you’ll be a part of it so it’d be good to have you guys a part of it.

Aaron: [00:21:55] I don’t think it the link and get involved and don’t forget to let us know what you think about that commercial at the NRL is put on that rubbish thing. Idea you now have with the NRL at the moment in my head is what we get.

Brett: [00:22:08] We love his work. No.

Don: [00:22:10] That said Medicine School and former employer and the big boat.

Don: [00:22:15] Matt just said it was outrageous how he got kicked off the say he agrees with you mate. This one is still dirty. Better get over it right.

Brett: [00:22:23] All right we’ll go and cap on and back. We’ll be back.

Adbreak: [00:22:26] Hi I’m Ben Rhodes online right now with an expert on Donald. Welcome to the naked punt. Me enjoying the naked punt you keeping cool right now. You know what. Life’s always been in my.

Brett: [00:22:42] Welcome back.

Brett: [00:22:47] To you around Larry Nichols.

Don: [00:22:52] Yeah. Well it sounds we’re all about.

Don: [00:22:54] We’re all about fan engagement at the at the at the panel at the naked punt.

Don: [00:22:59] So what we want to do and I’m sure you remember this bloke big Mandy Moore Laurie Nichols Absolutely.

Don: [00:23:05] He epitomized fan passion you’ve never seen a more passionate supporter than Laurie Nichols. I can still see him in the first tier like Howard over there and he’s black on orange. Philip singlet shadow boxing used to throw out a few really good combos too. He could go all right but he wasn’t army a massive fan of his club the Balmain Tigers back then. But he also toured with the New South Wales side. He toured the 82 invincibles some would give me singlet in the north of England and talk about passion. So we want to honour where we want to find out who is the NRL was Laurie. We want a name we’ve got an award winning to give out so if you know someone that just fits the mold just blame for their 2010 campaign.

Brett: [00:23:43] Among them was the elder Luke supported with the required eight years ago it was my favourite.

Darryl Brohman: [00:23:47] I think you still are still a man you know we won’t want to connect with each and every club. So if you’re out there and you know who the Laurie is in your neck of the woods make sure you get him involved and young guys send us a picture of them with the hashtag naked punt on Instagram and we’ll feature them and might even get a. Another special guest in some stage defamed gallery. That’s it and you can hit that with the hashtag. The naked punt Instagram I.

Aaron: [00:24:14] Justin mentoring and thinks that the NRL. That’s okay but he reckons that the sharks membership had his fantastic eight it still gives me chills.

Don: [00:24:21] I actually haven’t seen the shower scene outside.

Aaron: [00:24:24] Have you seen it. I think so.

Don: [00:24:25] Please don’t post a link to it. Jamie and Jamie he’s keeping this forecasting up there and not on the Central Coast so Jamie needs some of that link might send that through more.

Aaron: [00:24:35] We’ve also got a shout out to the Big Bash shorts I don’t know how you think you should go in there. I can say I haven’t seen this Google but oh.

Darryl Brohman: [00:24:46] Business up top party underneath I where are my shorts so don’t worry it’s all good in my thong.

Don: [00:24:50] So it’s all good looks. But make sure guys. Oh no no let’s let’s hear from you viewers out there. Leave me a comment. It’s only one word storm or Broncos who do you think is going to win the first round and I think that might be you know a signal they start talking to their referee let’s let’s run through you know six games let’s do that.

Brett: [00:25:11] Next week’s games here for sure.

Aaron: [00:25:13] Well what we’ve got here we’ve got a storm this Broncos down what’s left.

Darryl Brohman: [00:25:16] I the Broncos storm we’ve got a very good record against them I know that and I think Don you’ve got a record storm of one the last 16.

Don: [00:25:24] Yeah. And I actually pilfered that off our and

[00:25:26] right. I got it wrong and that was me.

Don: [00:25:32] So apparently they are going to go with Melbourne down there in Melbourne I just think they’re going to start yelling.

Darryl Brohman: [00:25:37] At the Broncos.

Aaron: [00:25:37] Yeah I’m gonna I still might.

Aaron: [00:25:39] I’m looking forward to the two packs hammer against a child I was going to be an outstanding game really.

Brett: [00:25:43] So what about the. The shackles in the Knights.

Aaron: [00:25:47] Yeah. Unfortunately. Well to tell you the truth cos I’ll fall back to everyone who hasn’t had a problem in the season. So I guess it’s not controversial and that’s not a nice little bit of a hiccup there but I think it shocks and a big a big one. But I mean the Knights Plummer piece looking forward to that.

Darryl Brohman: [00:26:03] Tip the Knights as well. I’m not overly well I’m not confident because chance to have a great record against them and I’ve been the early they’re going to trial a couple of weeks ago but I’m 36 so I’m just going to feeling Conger is my role.

Don: [00:26:16] I think the Knights have had a cohesive offseason and I’m going to go against my heart and I’m ongoing with the Knights as well.

Don: [00:26:21] Carl level picks the storm down there in Melbourne last night do you think you had a storm and sharks and Knights as well Ross.

Brett: [00:26:28] And we’ve got the Roosters and the rabbits.

Darryl Brohman: [00:26:30] I’ll start here having him go in the Roosters back great guy MissC.J. Friday night can’t wait to speak to actually be there on TGP calling in so I’m looking forward to it I think the Roosters to me look a bit aside and the bunnies but great guy Angus Crawford make sure he was in the side of the gate on the base on the bench and in the silence and so I decided I actually think the Roosters are a better side this year than they were last year did.

Aaron: [00:26:52] I look good in that world cup challenge and the Rabbitohs still look good but I think too much of it too many things happen there is wine coming and I’m not there.

Brett: [00:27:00] That makes me look forward to football.

Don: [00:27:01] Yeah Oh damn I’m just looking forward as I mentioned earlier that key battle between Inglis and Latrell Mitchell I just think that’s going to be something special I’m looking forward to watching those two lock horns.

Brett: [00:27:11] And interesting battles the Warriors and the Bulldogs.

Darryl Brohman: [00:27:14] How would you know I mean the Warriors just deliver what you least expect they’ll deliver from time to time and will dogs a hell of an off season they got no money for a rich club they got no money I mean it’s crazy managing well they got money they just can’t spend it. I think the Warriors will probably beat them but I expect the Bulldogs to give a Yelp in this yeah.

Aaron: [00:27:35] I think the Warriors were a bit more consistent last year on that breathing than they were doing it.

Aaron: [00:27:39] Well let’s go to Troy they’re breathing school. Yeah. That’s gonna make you one more guy.

Don: [00:27:46] You know I kind of get that car lover was back the Rabbitohs 70 Roberts has back the rabbi’s the on the Warriors Bulldogs game. I’m going to go with the Warriors just with the home ground advantage across the ditch go go the Warriors dutiful Ashley Williams wants to know who the rookie of the year is gonna be big man.

Darryl Brohman: [00:28:03] I don’t know that I can tell you that I want to I may.

Darryl Brohman: [00:28:08] Well what are you going to be don’t try to play the first card game isn’t what it is. Yeah.

Darryl Brohman: [00:28:12] I don’t know anyone I know but his grandson. So that’s someone from Brisbane.

Brett: [00:28:16] What about the Tigers singles.

Darryl Brohman: [00:28:19] And when that one tipped the tigers they got a couple at home Moses in boys. Chris Lawrence fractured his head the other day. How did it happen. The training exercise is.

Darryl Brohman: [00:28:28] Fractured his jaw nose or the two always sockets in a bad way to make contact. So he’s in a bad way. I was.

Darryl Brohman: [00:28:37] But I think I think the Tigers I’d like that would be too good day.

Aaron: [00:28:40] I’m gonna say eagles and yeah I’d love I should win Mongo and say that I want a great night with Mike Hardy’s it’s scary.

Don: [00:28:48] Matt Rogers thinks the Bulldogs and Jason Mainwaring thinks the Bulldogs in the game we’re talking about is actually the Tigers saying talk is all going to go with the Tigers lockout laws just like the big man. I think the is any number of Laurie Nichols to say yes.

Brett: [00:29:02] Well Tony the Cowboys and the dragons.

Darryl Brohman: [00:29:05] Are cowboys I think they’re the big improve as a.

Aaron: [00:29:07] I like them I think they’ll win the game and I think they’ll have a big season that Malcolm Oden and Jordan McLemore.

Aaron: [00:29:13] You said before and looking forward to him getting a lot of minutes yeah a bit of a poor season last year.

Aaron: [00:29:18] I think for that maybe missed a lot of good games I understand that but you have a definite callus for me in the local derby Panthers and the Eagles.

Darryl Brohman: [00:29:26] I think the Eagles will start I think Penrith will get him in the end.

Aaron: [00:29:30] Yeah I’m gonna Neil’s gonna go.

Aaron: [00:29:34] Oh it. I know I’ve been horrible and I’m looking at this path saw and I just see.

[00:29:42] Well that’s right.

Don: [00:29:44] But dramas in the off season are really with the pain zone that one as well so guys let let us know who you guys think is gonna win in your chosen game every day of the first round. I’m really looking forward this time tomorrow night.

Don: [00:29:56] We’re gonna be halfway through the first game of the season which is not an N which is Melbourne and Broncos down there lineman Park. We will give you guys a chance to win one of our cooking coach. You can go out vouchers keep engaging with us make sure you send in your photos with the hashtag naked punt through Instagram we’re gonna feature some of those shots on the supportive Gallery next week end and give out a voucher and also our footy tips guards.

Don: [00:30:21] We’ve just run through our picks for the first round is when there’s only with the last one we’ve got the.

[00:30:26] Titans riders all got titans titans my titans may as well go back to the competition.

Don: [00:30:36] Make sure you click the link below. We’re gonna have a link to our footy tipping competition get involved. And you know edge against the brains trust of the naked punt get involved. Sign up you might hit the Like share get the message going out and get involved that’s what’s all about. Shout out to Sammy Roberts down there in Canberra.

Don: [00:30:54] Massive sharks be assassin of sharks. He’s gone the Eels had to get their semi good saw that if you have.

Aaron: [00:30:59] A few people at town that tips him down in 12. Watson’s gone the Cowboys Matt Cowan gone down must examine the Knights how these are going to show that too much turmoil down there. Yeah Carl I’ve got the Tigers.

Don: [00:31:14] I’d just like to point somebody out there. No I am tipping the Knights for round one but nobody remembers in 2016 the sharks we actually lost our first three games of the season. So it doesn’t mean the season’s over don’t. And I really don’t think I mean what do you what are your thoughts on. I guess with the competition this time. I don’t think the dust really settles and you know who’s who and to really round six all right anyway.

Darryl Brohman: [00:31:36] I think I think the sharks certainly could win the comeback kid no doubt about it. Know I wouldn’t be backing him but I think they can make you know it’s early days. I mean as long as you’re playing well into the season you’ve got no injuries at the end end of the season and you’re in the right. You can win.

Aaron: [00:31:53] You’re fully fit Chuck’s side is a is a is it it’s a good side and I can match it can match a lot of the top society but I just find that if we get a couple of injuries I just wonder what we’ve got backing up there you know now that the 17 looks good 17 18 but just firing back down what we’ve got in the younger grades but I think wrong.

Don: [00:32:14] Yeah. And by the way Matt Rogers he’s he’s tipped the Titans surprise surprise the probably pining before we go any further too I just want to issue an apology on behalf of Ben Ross.

Don: [00:32:25] He was really looking forward to being a part of the naked punt and unfortunately as I do he’s been pulled into line and has to maintain the status quo and I can’t be with us but a big shout out to you Rossi and we miss you mate and he’s in all the promo material but we’ll sort that out and thanks for being a part of the promotion.

Brett: [00:32:44] Good stuff. All right. Thank you ladies and gentlemen it’s been great. This is our first episode and we look forward to seeing you next Wednesday at 8:00p.m. Well we’ll do it all again. But as always and as Donny has been saying we need your support with these shows for you so we can only operate if you support us and we’ll support you with all interesting guests in there in every way.

Don: [00:33:03] I’ll tell you what before we sort of we’ve just gotten to Hollywood Chloe Maxwell.

Don: [00:33:06] Called it as well cyclone at the last stop. Let’s get to.

Don: [00:33:10] Sports. Thanks for tuning in. It’s great that Linda. Thanks. Good luck clearing that circulating Aaron. Great to see you guys. Tune in next week 8:00p.m. live on Facebook.

Don: [00:33:20] Naked punt it like in shape.

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