ICYMI – Rising Footy Stars – The Naked Punt Footy Show – S01 E02

This week’s “Brief Edition” recorded post the “spectacular, technilar, failure” live show from the Big Dog Studio. Don Rogers, Aaron Raper and Brett Maxworthy with special guests Mat Rogers and Terry Lamb talk about their NRL “Rising Stars” and we introduce a new fan segment called the Naked Four.



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The Naked Punt – Rising Stars – S01 E02

Don Rogers: [00:00:20] G’day Punters. Don Rogers here. And welcome onto the set of The Naked Punt. Again our sincere apologies for last night’s malfunction in the technical department. Our producer has been working feverishly all day. So we have those issues resolved. And as of next Wednesday 8:00p.m. We will be coming to you live on Facebook. So make sure you hit like and share and get ready to join us right there. Last night’s show had the theme of rising stars and we had some awesome footage to bring to you guys unfortunately we couldn’t do that live. So we’re going to roll that out for you right now. I caught up with my brother Mat Rogers at a corporate golf day on Friday along with Terry BAA BAA Lamb and they both gave their opinions on who their rising star for 2019 and the one to watch is. So enjoy that. In addition to the rising star. We’ve also got a new segment which is all about fan engagement rolling out. It’s called The Naked 4 which are for hard hitting questions that are going to enable us to get to know you guys a little bit better. So if you see me Aaron Brett Scott on the street we might even come up here with the phone and get you guys appearing on a future episode. So enjoy tonight’s footage. We’re sorry again that we couldn’t come live to you last night. We appreciate all your support. Make sure you join us next Wednesday 8:00p.m. live on Facebook. The Naked Punt will be back. Over now.

Don Rogers: [00:01:42] Matt thanks for your time today. Great. Great to see you again mate. This week we’re talking rising stars. Tell me who’s your Rising Star and why.

Mat Rogers: [00:01:52] Well at all while rising star a young fellow by the name of Jessie Ramien and yes he was at the Sharks last year and I watched some of it is on obviously follow the Sharks but we lost him and I think it was one Newscastle got under our guard and they signed him they probably saw the potential. And I got him and you know we saw in fire at the back of the year played some amazing footy. And I think you can go from strength to strength now you know he’s playing with. Pongar out there and you can’t get a real feel about that Newcastle side with there’s expectation which is a big part of growth when you’re a young player. And I don’t think I think it might come back to bite the sharks in the years to come. How do you determine something real special. It’s got strength, lots of power it’s got skill in our blood to. He looks like he wants to be a better fit he wants to be a good footballer he so he knows the game loves the game and you. Know it’s when you when you get talent mix is hard work that’s when you get the fruits of a football there’s nothing could be one of those.

Don Rogers: [00:02:50] Especially being up there he’s from that area sort of playing from his family and friends Duke also takes you to that next level what are your thoughts on that.

Mat Rogers: [00:02:58] Yeah I mean been in a comfortable environments critical I mean I know you know when we came back to see me myself and a few offers to go to other clubs but you know the smaller offer was from Cronulla and I wanted to be around family and friends and to help me sort of settle in and.

Don Rogers: [00:03:12] You move to Queensland left me alone in Sydney.

Mat Rogers: [00:03:15] I’m a grown up big going back then. That night it was it was a big part of my my reasoning for going to Cronulla it was just the familiarity and he’ll have that going back to Newcastle. So now looking at one and one of the sharks Gallop I think they’ll regret that news.

Don Rogers: [00:03:32] Mate thanks for your thoughts on your Rising Star.

Don Rogers: [00:03:37] John Morris at the helm of Cronulla – the Bomber. First year how do you think. How do you think he’s going to go his coaching. Do you see the sharks performing this year?

Mat Rogers: [00:03:47] Well you know John Morris is a great coach and you see proven in the lower grades and he was always going to be a first grade coach.

Mat Rogers: [00:03:54] You know I think the turmoil at Cronulla now is probably fast forward the tape a little bit for him. And you know whether he has success this year or not that is not going to determine whether John Morris is going to be a good first grade coach I think he’s gonna be going to be tough for him. He’s got some very senior players there that are strong minded and you know he’s played with those guys. He knows those guys. So you know you just hope that those players show him the respect it deserves and coach you can get the job done.

Don Rogers: [00:04:19] G’day Terryy great to see you again on this week’s show we’re talking rising stars and also was just interested to get your thoughts on who we should be looking out for the Dogs and keep an eye on.

Terry Lamb: [00:04:28] For me it’s Lachlan Lewis.

Terry Lamb: [00:04:30] He’s good calm he’s he’s pretty cool man. Good. Great kicking game and he’s got time and I think as a rugby league player you need to learn and be relaxed and he’s got all that.

Don Rogers: [00:04:42] I’m looking forward to seeing what the guys definitely got some great pedigree there.

Terry Lamb: [00:04:46] That’s purely has my. Absolutely. I’ve played with the king and against him and I want to shoot and he wants but he’s a great person to play with. He’s got half Wally’s pedigree Good luck to him.

Don Rogers: [00:05:00] I finally just how do you think how do you say your dogs. You know you’re one of the greatest 5/8’s ever to play the game. The Bulldogs legend. How do you see the kennel pay for the dogs coming out the kennel gosh I’m going.

Terry Lamb: [00:05:13] To be stupid for my sake. We’re going to win the Grand Final if we make the eight anything could happen. So I’m happy for them to make the eight.

Don Rogers: [00:05:22] Thanks for your time. Did I tell you it’s great to see you as always. Wish the Dogs all the best.

Terry Lamb: [00:05:27] Thank you very much. Thank you. Cheers.

Don Rogers: [00:05:28] Cheers.

Mat Rogers: [00:05:31] G’day I’m Mat. Welcome to the Naked Punt. I’m a massive fan of. Working hard. And reaping the benefits. Favorite all time athlete. It’s a bit of a. Tough on that but Tommy Carol as a kid was was a hero of mine and Brett Kenny. What annoys me most is people who complain it just gets under my skin so much If I won the lotto. I would to have a holiday, get a house on the beach and keep doing what I’m doing. See you next time.

Luke Phillips, Cooked & Co: [00:06:09] Welcome to the naked punt. My name’s Luke Phillips. I’m a massive fan of the Mighty RedV. My favorite athlete of all time. That’s Kelly Slater. What annoys me most are all the Sharkie supporters around here. If. It’s I won lotto five I’d burn down the cafe and take a holiday forever. See you Next week. The naked punt.

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