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The Naked Punt Footy Show S01 E03

Brett Maxworthy: [00:00:20] Hi and welcome. Hi and welcome to the Naked Punt Sports Show the sport show that’s here for you – the true punter. I’m Brett Maxworthy and I’m joined tonight by social media man about town and Sharks blue blood Don Rogers. How are you Don?

Don Rogers: [00:00:34] G’day Brett, It’s good to be here in Big Dog studio for another episode of The Naked punt.

Brett Maxworthy: [00:00:39] And what took your fancy this weekend?

Don Rogers: [00:00:42] In regards to the weekend I had a great weekend and didn’t get to watch as much football as I would like. I’ve got two little babies under two and their behavior sometimes isn’t conducive to watching football matches. But I did get to say a little bit I’m impressed with the Parramatta 2 and 0.

Brett Maxworthy: [00:00:56] Well done. And on my left I’m filling in admirably for Aaron Raper while he’s away on assignment is a chef and I think he put the Kitchen Rules to shame as young Lucas a St George tragic

Luke Philps: [00:01:08] Are you very much boys thanks. Welcome. And. The highlight of my week was the Dragons first half and that’s probably about it.

Brett Maxworthy: [00:01:17] Now Donnie you’ve got some fan engagement information.

Don Rogers: [00:01:21] Yeah I do. Firstly I just want to say a big thank you to our 1000 plus followers and supporters online you guys are unreal and we really appreciate it. So apologies as well for last week’s technical difficulties and even with that challenge you guys have helped us to get over a thousand likes and followers in just a short period of time so we’re very thankful for that. And in.

[00:01:44] Along those lines the first order of business tonight there’s a light and a share button down there. Make sure you hit that end. In addition go to invite friends button and invite them along with us and help us to continue to grow the naked punt family. In addition to tonight’s broadcast you can also see the replay on the website from tomorrow. That’ll be up. And it’s also now available on podcast on iTunes and Spotify. So it’s great to have you support. We appreciate it. Keep up the great work. So you can get us week.

[00:02:15] They are everywhere. Now look you’ve got a hot topic something interesting which you load out then share it with us. It’s about shit here got. Some shockers there there at the moment. There were some bad ones very bad Jack devil and probably started off with the man gone into our Gareth we’re talking about the dragons he goes with it last year but we’ve got some new ones this year and we’re calling on the sharks here that.

[00:02:41] You’ve got some don’t. That’s actually funny not mentioning the shit haircuts for the year and it’s funny because I actually had my notes where was it today it was about.

[00:02:50] Four feet or a lovely voice but what it’s doing nothing I’m bringing it back I’ll tell you a funny story about haircuts when my brother was at the Wallabies and they call Matt’s nickname is the rat and I said Mike why don’t you bring back the rats tail and I call you rat rat’s tail and then sure enough about six months later someone else was doing it so we missed the boat.

[00:03:08] All right you two could have had a ship. I’m just jealous I got hear to be able to make a deal now don’t.

[00:03:14] Well the latest is making my latest news out there is a couple of things firstly is we’re not just all about rugby league we we’re about having fun and spreading the word of other sports as well and you want to talk about a misspent youth. We need to get behind your seat on Fox 5 0 5 this week. JUSTIN sack age who’s the world playing in the world pool championships in Gibraltar. You talk about a misspent youth sound anyway. Dhoni well in Gibraltar. And the only place I’ve applied to was in the old Smoky pool halls in the pub so mate he’s done well and he’s competing over there and we there’s a little screen of it up there now against Petrie McKinnon so go well Justin bring home the gold for Australia some guy you good in addition to that I also want to chat about we’ve got some big supporters of my brother has a charity called for a day kids and I want to spend send a good share a big shout out to Joe Inglis and if you’re the boys at the Utah Jazz they’ve brought playing the Lakers this week and you’ll see Joe Inglis wearing some specially branded for a ESD kid shoes that you can auction online after that after the game and that’s a massive coup for the charity and great great to have a job with support so keep up that great work gentlemen let’s go briefly through the last weekend’s games we’ve got the storm and the Raiders what were your thoughts Tony. Yeah my thoughts was I was all I was not really let myself down and the tipping department in that game Marty the Raiders I just thought I’d go well at home and storm a psych clinic early in the piece and I’ll speak to my brother about that news tonight the storm are really going to only drop four or five games a year so the tip is. Kicking every round should I wait for the numbers. Well 22 year 10 year storm I did tape storm cells heavy with.

[00:05:02] The storm right there on a roll. They just keep moving along and without any dramas and the Raiders of the lack something at the moment and even with Ricky Stuart coming down with the rain on his head doesn’t help them at all did it.

[00:05:14] Not now and ram the Robertsons and George Robertson son George out of my locker but look pretty later too earlier. I think signs have been starting strong the first to go into the year and if I can continue that into the second half they’re going to be a force I will be hitting panic button yet if I was a Dragons fan. Luke and I wouldn’t be patient but there’s there’s two words that sum up that game and that’s Sam Burgess where I what what a dominant performance couple tries. Yeah. She attempted a kick but not a pleasure really well to hit and run.

[00:05:47] Well 34 18 we started off right but well themself had the whip at the time SAS with just big and strong and well caged and native animals.

[00:06:00] Did you and St George look they’re just. They’re missing their big men in their spine is is weak.

[00:06:06] The Broncos and the Cowboys Broncos and the Cowboys for me it was the dominant performance by tomorrow or pink or Junior just to come out and pretty much you had Jason to Malala when he’s crosses all night. I think Jason’s pulled up a little bit injured from that game but he had really dominant performance and it was a good guy.

[00:06:26] Broncos twenty nine to 10 cowboys Yeah Broncos.

[00:06:30] I did a Broncos shop and I yeah I can care with you with that Sam that young black two feet. He looks sensational.

[00:06:39] And the sharks and the Titans sharks and the Titans were great their first win at home for Cronulla Sharks bomber Morris would be pleased with that and a big the big thing on the weekend I think was overshadowed by the humility of this guy put all the attention on to Chad Townsend’s one hundredth game congratulations on Matt the chad was Paul Gallen he played his three hundred and twenty ninth game for the Cronulla Sharks ninety and broke Andrew adding housing’s record of three hundred and twenty eight and you know it just keeps on keeping on so congrats to Gayle and you know what a career he’s had so far origin premiership he’s done it all and I wish him all he has a fantastic year in his farewell seasons things every year yes twenty to six I’m sure he’s going up yeah good luck to the sharks as much as item but you know I didn’t have him we had a good first half and that that young C on and he has three tries that was a bit of a highlight for me yeah and the Knights and the Panthers Knights and the Panthers well with James Maloney’s defense that’s a surprise surprise for a start I mean to the the guard that massive shot on in the middle of not that try save it was it was something special it was a one in a million tribe it might Oh yeah yeah that’s one of the games I didn’t get to see because I was busy with family but I watch the highlights and all the two things that stuck out to me and yeah. Good good stuff.

[00:08:03] Yeah sixteen fourteen to the Panthers I tip the Panthers Look I think about all right.

[00:08:11] All right. The father and son rolled on. That was my tip for the weekend. I don’t know.

[00:08:16] There a master we all just wanna send a quick shout. We got a few people join the conversation we got Trevor Reed Ashley Williams just corrected me with three hundred and twenty eight games and even though he ran them twenty nine. Darren Rodgers our cousins on Vine Donald Draper up there in the Northern Territory chat do you guys make sure you leave us a comment guys let us know where you are and what you’re doing well in America leave us a comment. Roosters and Eagles are the battle of the birds.

[00:08:40] That’s another one I didn’t get to see because I’ve got two babies under two as I mentioned their behavior isn’t conducive given his embrace someday when there’s something in the water back there and they are my children slowly it’s going to pose a few challenges as we go do you get a chance.

[00:08:54] I did not the cookie life just took over 26 18 to his you know force to be reckoned with.

[00:09:02] That was simply shocking conditions. And then at the end of the day the Roosters won with their Cronk and friends I made that just tells you how good the races are going eagles and Bulldogs.

[00:09:13] He wasn’t Bulldogs well at all. I mentioned that earlier. It was two and two two from two. Who were thought I mean that a bit a tumultuous offseason and a whole new nucleus of a side that’s come together ought to stay. It’s good to see him doing well because it’s rugby league heartland out there in Parramatta. I love it so it’s good for the game. 36 16 ales like Ferguson you know stepping up and.

[00:09:39] Unsuspecting him now he’s come to form.

[00:09:42] It’s good to see that the Eagles won and the Bulldogs are on life support Nederland. Tigers versus the Warriors last game in the RAM which cost me a perfect date did it.

[00:09:51] Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I mean that’s hitting some guys that had better results from a tipping later.

[00:09:58] Yeah I was scoring that one looking you remotely for six. That was my one Google for the looking for the eye yeah. Well I would say it’s great to see the old combination of Farrah and Benji coming back together. Tigers colours I think that as well is really good for the game too so. Way to go. Robbie Farah the Golden Lion.

[00:10:19] Thank you school. Good. Then they might surprise back at the Al targets. Oh that’s there’s plenty to talk about how lovely Carl Levin colonel a legend is just join the conversation as well share that you call it like and share make sure you guys invite your mates help us to get to 2000 we might get an ad break and we’ll be back shortly.

[00:10:40] On that. Welcome to the naked punt. I’m a massive fan of.

[00:10:46] Working hard and reaping the benefits. Favorite old time athlete. It’s a bit of a tough one that Tommy Carol as a kid was that I was a hero of mine and Brett Kenny what annoys me most is people who complain just gets under my skin so much fall on the lotto.

[00:11:10] I would probably have a holiday to the house from the beach and keep doing what I’m doing. See you next time.

[00:11:19] 1. Welcome back. And that we’d like to thank madmen it’s great that your brother’s joining us live.

[00:11:24] He’s becoming quite a regular on the naked punt so share that you read. Thanks for taking the time to do the naked for forest that’s for hard hitting questions that it can enable us to get to know our viewers a bit better if you see any of us in the street and we come up here with telephone. What do you want me to do to us.

[00:11:40] I have to do anything just get involved have a bit of fun. That’s

[00:11:45] what it’s all about. It’s it’s all good luck. We were we were going to have a special guest Jackie Elliott saving and fortunately she she called up late because she’s been sick and damn look later on down the track we look forward to having her onboard. But in the meantime one of our topics that we will be talking about tonight is two girls and are they relevant and relocation. What are your thoughts Donny on cheap girls.

[00:12:05] Oh the cheerleaders I think is there’s the both male and female these days but I think they’re there they’re part of the sporting landscape or we’re not compared to the way the Americans do the sport over there and I can see why they’re such an integral part of I’m in America. Admittedly I’ve got the I’ve got the population for one I mean we’re talking about a country that gets 80000 people to a spelling bee. So I mean you know I can see why they feel there. I mean you’ve got the big band The Marching Band it starts in college and the cheerleaders are a real big part of that. I just I know for me I think one of the teams of murdering one of the Queensland teams I forget who it was or sales they they had the drummer’s last year and this started to sort of steer away from it a little bit some of the clubs. And it’s not the first thing that pops to my head when I go to a game of football. Look I do love the cheating it’s done got male female you guys do a great job.

[00:12:58] I love them but I’ve got to be careful when I’m looking at him just in case somebody sees me a like I try to be either. So that much for the entertainment the skill set that absolutely gone

[00:13:08] through the roof. And look I’m going to throw something up I remember we used two years ago and I don’t know if you remember nothing about me.

[00:13:12] Mick Young we used to have the 100 metre sprint fastest player and I think that’s mix that in with the dancing.

[00:13:19] There’s just something different as well. I don’t know why I thought of that but you know I love that as a kid I don’t know.

[00:13:24] I remember I think it was the junior clubs we used to have the cheerleaders out in the middle during the halftime at a time and then around the outside. I think they used to have a four by 100 relay or something where you’d have a representative from all the junior clubs whether it be St John Bosco or England or that’s the local clubs where we are but wherever you are wherever they are I think the more we can involve junior league on NRL day on the big stage I think it’s a good thing for the game.

[00:13:49] Any career path. Yes sir.

[00:13:51] What about you Luke look all I know I wasn’t even alive and I can’t remember any time you know the Dallas Cowboys.

[00:13:59] He said that’s what it does spring to mind and you know when you think of when when you think of girls and cheerleaders and stuff nobody does it better than the Dallas cowgirls. Have you guys in the Cowboys over there in Dallas and have we have a look at the.

[00:14:16] Yeah the girls said the guy’s a champ Park. You did some stuff out there I believe Scottie went out there on that weekend and and got some beautiful footage and not put that up now.

[00:14:27] Well it’s something that the sharks have done well for a number of years now they have a dance spectacular. I think once a year and involves on I think 30 40 50 of the local dance schools and they say never work with kids and animals but whoever the career choreographer is you got you know eighteen hundred kids out there old moving in time and we’re going to make love in a good way to get by the packed stadium out to because all and kids are coming with a couple of parents are going to say I’m out there.

[00:14:56] Absolutely and do just that and I’ve just to talk to them when they were coming off just congratulating and their little faces were like Did you see me. It’s like it’s just beautiful stuff. You can’t beat that can’t buy that no one the parents love having them go again. Let’s talk about relocation.

[00:15:11] It’s been a topic. Well Nick Nick politeness was out in the media this week came out as saying at the end this is controversy corner and almost like some company. Where did it go. It wouldn’t be the first time.

[00:15:26] Nick Nick Politis was saying you know this all the Sydney clubs are got to stay in this net and then the hot topic at the moment is you know relocate or or as you’d be familiar with Luke St George merging or whatever I mean or on a massive four Sharks fan and that’s never going to change. So for me if it came down to an ultimatum or if we had to relocate or dissolve I don’t mean to support the Sharks whether they’re in Perth Gosford whatever and I said I might say something controversial. I hope they don’t. But what I’m saying in a not so perfect world if we did have to move Matt it’s not going to start to affect my membership I’m going to be a supporter and I’m going to support the sharks. Yeah look I’m not saying the sharks all the time to relocate.

[00:16:05] I’m just saying I think we’ve got 40 million dollars. You hope that that’s going to be spent wisely I hope that that’s going to maintain our long unity in the future. I would hate to. I don’t know if I’m getting the season ticket and get to Perth dunny.

[00:16:16] You know that’s going to be an issue I think you look as a Saints tragic what how did you feel when the St George Illawarra Steelers merged.

[00:16:28] Well I was a bit of a shock but when it comes to money that’s just the way it has been.

[00:16:33] We can’t amalgamate again. We can’t make it a three ways.

[00:16:36] You know the Alito is enough said Eddie Xavier while you’re here we’re going to send a big thank you to Luke. He’s actually a great chef at Cook and Co. And they’re the supporters of the era award that we’re going to give out later for the tipping so make sure you guys stick around for that hit the Like hit the share invite your mates leave us some comments. Adam wingnut not Smith has just joined the conversation. We’ve got Mark Williams who who is says the Eagles are terrible Scottie cage semi Roberts join the conversation.

[00:17:10] Chris Wilson the stitches joined so boys keep hitting you hitting the lock and the share button Matt Rogers is tuned in.

[00:17:18] So we appreciate David ministers join him as well. So it’s good getting around. Give me a hand. Like to share. Invite your mates one of your favorite topics done. Yeah. Tell us about it. The other Murrays. Well guys I don’t know if you’ve been tuned into our earlier episodes what we’re doing this year is we’re looking for the NRL most passionate supporter and in honour of the late great Lawrie Nicholls who you would have seen up on the sidelines like out doing shadow boxing and he’s Phillips singlet. He was the most passionate supporter I can think of.

[00:17:48] So we’re looking to involve all 16 clubs and there’s one guy Phillip Cross who featured on some Souths media earlier in the week and I saw it come across and it was fantastically done by the sales club to involve their members. And this is the type of passion we’re talking about. You want to talk about a football jersey

[00:18:06] collection. I look at this guy beautiful Phillip Craig done a great job on it. I really have. He has he’s got I think he saw somewhere over 400 over 400 jerseys and it all started in a three through his father’s passion for the club and so if you really if you get a chance to check that out you you bunnies fans or just anyone that’s a fan of football in general just check out that that membership media that the sales have done because I think they’re really leading the way in that regard. It was a really touching beautiful piece and Phil across way looking for 15 more are you guys from each club. So if you know who the Laurie Nichols is at your club make sure you tag and let him know that we’re looking for him so we’re looking for the passionate spot you reckon you’re in line for the Lawrie there.

[00:18:53] You let him do it. He’s pretty passionate the naked punt but they might have forgetting him negatives. All right.

[00:19:01] We’ve got a gallery I think coming out shortly and some pictures on the gallery. Let’s have a look at those figures. We want to make sure that you guys are connecting with us so if you’re on Instagram make sure you’re sending your photos with the hashtag the naked punt and you will appear across our gallery and I’m not sure if we’ve got all these at all.

[00:19:20] That’s what we’re looking at keep you up all night. You’re looking at the 2014 Cronulla Sharks captain right there just yes Rogers and I just tag yourselves with the naked punt you’ll come across the feed and all these NFL that’s a young Briton Jackie Cama it’s still a the size of a footy there’s not any football on the 22 dunny I forgot and I’ve just had to go back and pick it out how I got on the way you got here. Oh I see that I got it up I didn’t die if I don’t get involved goes I’m actually Clyde they’ve got boxes on board so yeah that’s fantastic I make sure you guys hit it on Instagram with the hashtag the naked punt and we want to see images come across you know anyone that’s mad passionate fan get them involved as well look we might get to an ad break and we’ll be back.

[00:20:16] Welcome to the naked punt. My name’s Luke Phillips. I’m a massive fan of the Mardi Gras day. My favorite athlete of all time. But perhaps to Kelly Slater. What annoys me mind the whole the Shockey supporters are anti. If it’s all on the letter of the cap idea I’m at a Holiday forever. I’m not really an expert guy. The naked punt.

[00:20:43] Hi and welcome back to the naked punt sports show young Don Rogers is going to be talking to us about the hot tips of the week and our tipping cup.

[00:20:50] Well I think we’re starting now. We’re going to go through running water this way these games or you can let your hot ticket as well. Well well if you haven’t joined make sure you look for the link on our page we have the naked punt footy tipping Bonanza. It’s a competition cooked in time which is Luke’s cafe has kindly donated a fifty dollar a day out show that goes out to each week’s perform I a damn. And this week the 50 dollar coupon code voucher goes out to drumroll please. Donna Campbell from cooking code she got the perfect 10 in in the round but also the margin side.

[00:21:26] Donna Campbell cooked says little Daniel in German save eat.

[00:21:30] In addition to Donna Campbell we’ve got there was a few other perfect rounds so congratulations to you guys. Paul Hanley got the perfect 10. Jason the Jamison Manwaring also got the perfect 10. Lucas Crombie the perfect 10. And Tony dial the perfect 10 so that moves a couple of people into the top eight.

[00:21:49] Tiny dial. And Jason Mainwaring you are now featured in the top eight.

[00:21:53] There’s a new segment in the in the vein of Aussie lavender just bagged their might.

[00:21:59] There’s a new segment we like to call the shit tip that heavy shit at Katniss yet. Did I wake you. Well it was this week’s shit. She had a voice. Well. Andrew Sam Smith you are this week’s shit tip.

[00:22:14] I was followed by two against Ebola to me too closely followed by D Raj and rap city funk de Rogers yours truly only got free this week so I’ll put my shades she said bar in the rap rap city funk. That’s actually Aaron ripe heroin actually when he comes back about that night and what he’s doing with rap city funk he’s gone back to the mid 80s 70s NWA with a big clock on to get him to dance since gap is there we have to ask you about that change that I am right and that’s that’s.

[00:22:46] Terrible. Look we’re going to run through our next week’s games and down. Let’s start with the. The Broncos dragons what are your thoughts Tony.

[00:22:54] Well I’m going to my tipping thing here. I’m going to the NRL up where our tipping at CNN I’m going to look at what I’d tip the Broncos dragons off tip the Broncos and not one. Based on. Oh I think they’re playing good science science on.

[00:23:08] So some guys up there from older research however soon so decides enough to go the Broncos this week. Now that’s good I’m a Bronco too I think that just looking too good right is in the Knights.

[00:23:20] I’m going to go with the riders there I was a bit of a yeah I think I think it’ll be a close game. I think there will be a really close game Clinton probably is playing on real far right end.

[00:23:29] But all I’ve got on the right is actually now I’m going to change how I’m changing my deal again I went inside. I’m trying to galvanize a lot of.

[00:23:40] I’ll go home with the riders. But I was. Yeah. Yeah. I mean it’s way in between.

[00:23:45] Yeah. Look good and I but here I went the riders that was there was a must win game for them. They’ve got to win. The Eels and the Roosters Eels and the Roosters. Well off to the Roosters a convincingly I think yeah I’ll think I’ll get out all right.

[00:24:01] Of tipped also the Roosters but you never know. Hopefully you know the hills in strong form and.

[00:24:07] We shall see they’ll keep us back and friends back and roosters for me. The Sea Eagles and the Warriors.

[00:24:15] Of I’ve gone with the Warriors. Yeah I just think. I can roll the eagles there. I think it’s that side of the law.

[00:24:24] I think it’s everything every day. They’re going to have a few extra gang out there for special thing for the young all they are to.

[00:24:29] Worry is at hand flying under emotion not in doubt worries for me.

[00:24:33] Yeah I think the Warriors will step back this week. They lost last week. Well that’s the worry.

[00:24:40] And even though Tom’s back at fullback this week I just can’t see the Eagles doing anything. Match Campbell’s sharks.

[00:24:47] Cowboys sharks have actually gone against my heart and I’m gonna let our boys up there and that’s the that’s the pick at the margin in the margin game and I’ve actually gone cowboys by four. I hope I’m wrong.

[00:25:00] I’ve actually got the sharks as much as I like it. Tom a lot out now.

[00:25:06] Yeah. Tom a lot like that. I’m changing now. I’ve gone to the sharks. Yeah I’d go on the sharks too. I think that’s it we’ve got to show off we’ve got what it takes this year. This is the game to do it.

[00:25:19] Pansies in the storm.

[00:25:21] For me it’s the storm got that discussion with my brother in the car really. The storm really going to drop four or five games all year. It’s just knowing which ones they’re going to drop. And it’s just guesswork and I think. Like glass they’re going to probably play 10 12 15 games before they drop on. In my opinion yeah. Diplomats told me Look I think it’ll be a close game but I think the storm will be. Tigers bulldogs. That one from Asia. Tigers I think with Robbie Farah and Benji playing so well and they just. Looked like. A. Very cohesive block and I think the Tigers and the boys got some form.

[00:25:58] Let’s go to boys. Look the Bulldogs and stay with stats since 1971 so you just can’t tip them. You’ve got to gather targets and win. Lastly but not last week. Last July the rabbit dies and the Titans.

[00:26:10] Yeah my mum with the rabbits on that one I think Sam and the bunnies have come out of the burrow ferociously.

[00:26:16] If a bunny can’t come out of an burrow ferociously I think they’ve done it well if they’re a little like take it ignore your way they just said in the script her ferocious guardians go the ferocious powerhouse. That’s right.

[00:26:30] You know why the ideas that’s out the laugh together Rabbitohs I think Gandhi’s right and Mozzie The Revenant.

[00:26:37] All right.

[00:26:37] Well then just before we move on I’ve got a couple of special shared Africa. One of our little fans Kira who’s the daughter of a mate of mine stitched shared at you cure who’s watching and Sammy Roberts down there in Canberra as well as Sam Tracey says Go the Tigers and Daniel.

[00:26:54] Toga as Judy is as tuned in as well so just give you guys a share. Make sure you guys are hitting the like in the share. Robin Smith that goes for you as well.

[00:27:03] Look Donnie thank you. Great chat. Very nice to meet you again. Thanks for coming in Luke. And without your bra silhouette and Madonna. Can I give a shout out to my boys Leroy and my game.

[00:27:13] No shit to Leroy and Cain as always before we sign off guys make sure you are helping us grow towards that 2000 mark. Thanks for everyone’s support online you have been fantastic. Go to the invite friends button and invite them along and make sure you tune in next Wednesday. Larry as we look forward to your company next Wednesday.

[00:27:32] While I find out I had a naked.

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