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66 thoughts on “The Naked Punt – LIVE – 8PM – S01 EP05
  1. Ladies and gents – we had a few audio tech problems last night with the new digital audio system including mics going through when the mixing desk faders were off /down plus we picked up a lot of interference/ buffering sync noise from something just before we went to air. We have the software techs looking at it as we speak. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

  2. Double Standards.. Maybe. An easy way to sort that out is to have ALL the clubs Salary and third party negotiation emails go through a Cloud Server and the NRL have the ability to monitor All digital communications. Any club seen trying to manipulate, sidestep and use other methods to avoid detection will be 1; Season Points scalped 2: 700k Fine and if found to be a Repeat offender the Club will be Salary Cap Reduced by 700k on the Second offence, Third Offence Put on notice for removal from NRL competition (Relegated). I do believe the the NRL are in a Tight spot taking the Game forward and Todd Greenburg is under the Pump from the Board to put forward a plan about weather the NRL competition is to either 1: move a team out of Sydney 2: Remove a team out of the Competition 3: Merge another Sydney Team or Create another team either in Brisbane, Central Coast or another Region under the NRL Scope. The least financially viable Clubs would be an easy way to solve the numbers issue. But are we wanting to Build or Destroy The Best Game of All? Each Premiership Team should have their Financial and Digital audited at seasons end.

  3. Good on Val for giving it a go. Just can’t help see that there are a million other kids in the US with the same dream who have been playing their game for the the last decade.

  4. Another ripper show coming up ! Fantastic punter show down to earth and great content ! Love it ! Put together by one of the best Scott Maxworthy !

    1. Thanks Matty – appreciated – overall really good show except for the sound (which is of very high importance). The software guys and I have been at it all day and I think we’ve finally found the culprit (ahhh tech!)

  5. Hi, we’ve been advised Facebook notification just said 21:00 – there’s some thing not updating correctly on the Facebook side of things but we are definitely LIVE at 8PM.

    Thanks for the messages

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