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Tiger Woods US Masters win, Hollyfield, Niki Lauda, Steven Bradbury winning Australia’s first Winter Gold medal or MC Hammerheads return to Shark Park?

This week on the Naked Punt the boys talk about greatest sporting comebacks, the mighty Winx and the opening of the new Parramatta BankWest Stadium.

All that plus, all the NRL Footy action, tips and the popular weekly #shittipper award.

Transcript (unedited)

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 00:00:17 I’m Bretton Axworthy. I’m joined tonight by a man about town and sports guru Don Rogers. How are you doing. Good Brent. It’s great to be back in Big Dog Studios for another episode. MARTIN What was your highlight of the week.

 00:00:29 Need I ask the whole lot that it was the people Care’s triathlon festival in Wollongong on Saturday I had my first ever triathlon down there. It was hard work and it’s a quarter of what I’ve got in store in Germany in three months.

 00:00:42 Night is a no game no my left X just X Australian and first grade player and son of a dragon and welcome back. Erin right.

 00:00:50 I’m gonna miss you guys you’ve been away for a couple of weeks been over there surfing in West Sumatra.

 00:00:55 Plus good love to zero and it’s been.

 00:00:58 We’ve had a great time this couple of couple of spots up there have me snapping away but I didn’t show Scotty the ones where I fell off I don’t think maybe that might be one there Scott and I never got to see him back in good we had I had a ball over there made and I wish of it sounds great to be back because I wish I was over there again.

 00:01:14 Now Danny you’ve got some fan engagement. Yeah I do.

 00:01:18 As always guys the first order of business what you guys here and the like and the share button. Share button maybe host a watch party on Facebook if you don’t have Facebook. That’s okay as well because we are in simulcast on the website naked punt and failing that we also have the podcast coming out on iTunes and Spotify. As of tomorrow in talking a fan engagement or just want to welcome a new viewer to the ranks who’s hit the block button today and that’s why. Graham welcome aboard. Good to have you on.

 00:01:47 As you know we have a fan poll and our fan poll is obviously what’s your greatest comebacks. So we’d love to get some feedback from you for anybody that you might think. What’s your greatest comeback.

 00:01:58 No more gross comebacks only recent cargo pass Tiger on the weekend winning his fifth green jacket at Augusta for the Masters when he first won it 22 years ago he embraced his father and he’s won it on the weekend and embraced his song and it was just a beautiful moment. And I think it’s great for sport and world. And he just got it.

 00:02:17 This one is how mentally tough that must be. Let’s go through what he’s been your all self-inflicted. Most of them but you know he did have a severely pull back a few years back and had a major operation to get him back again.

 00:02:31 So I mean imagine standing over a putt for 11 million dollars.

 00:02:37 Give it a go. That’s it. He did so well is yours Aaron. Well we’ve got to go.

 00:02:42 Australian my Steven Bradbury and I love that the way come back and just let him fall over and for us to to win the gold medal had who was perfect.

 00:02:49 He is known asM.C. Hammer heads comeback camp. Yes fantastic. That’s embarrassing. I don’t write the scripts Danny. Yeah. Frank Hyde.

 00:03:01 He’s made hard news and sure I tell you what. What a week it has been punters. I mean first off of course as we’ve just spoken about Tiger Woods winning in Augusta fifth jacket. Well done Tiger but also on the weekend it was a weekend just full of champions we had over forty two thousand people on hand at Royal Randwick to watch winks win her the Queen Elizabeth Stakes and wear what I want a horse and she now goes into retirement to become a mum. What a great mum she’ll be 33 and undefeated 33 undefeated matter what she’ll get for her kids when the polls are going to sell for millions but also on a sad noteG.I. Greg Inglis and on a personal note I’m sure you know I’d like to wish him all the best for life after football. But the game’s fading. We’ve lost the champion there in July and that was also a holiday weekend I did see the the the highlight reels ofG.I. at his best. Wow what a word for it.

 00:03:57 They did it on now on Fox Sports in that they showed a lot of the great things that you know that Joe has done and that’s what it was a champion.

 00:04:03 Oh what a crazy amazing talent. CAMERON SMITH Of course eclipsed has him El Masri on the weekend to become the most prolific point scorer in the history of rugby league legend I wanted a funny story.

 00:04:18 He’s not he’s not happy about it. This note on Facebook where he’s got the TV is going to the now now I’m sure Bill and seeing it and his jumping up and down it is blowing up.

 00:04:28 It was just the round out the frank hard news Gladys juror Blake in Orleans Oh it’s in a good premier stadium he’s doing their opening Bankwest stadium at Parramatta this weekend and we’re coming to you guys like this is actually the grand opening at Parramatta Stadium tonight where you’re you see this revenue at the top I reckon is pretty steep up there it’s pretty obvious that it’s sold out apparently for the Tigers B para on on on the weekend and you’ll get our tips for that game.

 00:04:58 That long so stick around that the training that I had tonight there were ten thousand people there so it’s how did they do that. Well I went up there 30000 got to be there on Monday said to be a great little game to go to.

 00:05:10 But I’ll be good to watch it on TV as well. Look we’ve got a little clip of the naked for with special persons and it’s a message. More.

 00:05:32 Those passing over you. As for. My mother. I. Have to. See. News. Now. A farm in the water. Failed. To feed. Us. Thank you for what to do. Tonight. Could. Pop. Punk. Like.

 00:06:04 Punk. So guys the guy that was. One of our viewers with the naked four questions there and we want to engage with you guys work with be band engagement if you will appear on the naked punt in one of those naked four clips. The questions are up on the screen make sure you write them down and simply film yourself the camera or get creative through something that’s going to catch our attention. Send it in and you could be appearing on the naked punt.

 00:06:36 Look gentlemen. What do you think. We’ll go back to last week’s round and the results and I’ll start with you Donny. Yes credible results. The Brisbane Tigers game mate.

 00:06:46 What did you think. Oh the Brisbane Tigers guy I mean it was neck and neck all the way it was up and down and ran and ran. But I’ll tell you what the the final Troy boy. Who was in there was one. It’s here it’s here.

 00:06:59 Michael Chaikin had no right to score that try. I mean he stepped around about eight people on the way to the trial line and there I thought. There would been some harsh words in the Broncos.

 00:07:10 Did you get a chance Darren to have a look at any of the games.

 00:07:13 Yeah. Now what’s come up I’ve been back to and watch a couple of games it was good to see that the Titans get up to now like they’re they’re struggling. David was good. Flash Gordon. I think he’s. What did he get 250 games. I think it was his 25th game and he scored a try on on that one so well done to me Gordon up there with the with the Titans and the Panthers honest I know where they’re going to get a win from no worries.

 00:07:36 Well look we in the gaps in the Brisbane in the Tigers game I think Milford needs to show sea ball boy you should keep him. Now we’re going to get to that.

 00:07:43 Yes we are outside it. This guy is you know it’s obvious that this. Is it.

 00:07:53 Bloody hell. Not only that but the Broncos are a terrible week on the pond.

 00:07:57 But I’m back at all these ones I’m back in the Broncos about the Panthers I just thought they’re going to stand up better go let’s face it what do you think of the people who started sending Panthers Titans I thought you know it came down to a penalty try for Cartwright at the end there but I tell you who impresses me is that the army kick our like he’s a big strong unit and he’s coming up against the Sharks this week at Shark Park I think the Titans only won because I said they should be in the NSW Cup last week.

 00:08:22 Okay we’re going to go to the storm versus the cows and what did you think done the storm 18 cowboys 12 and the highlight of that of course was the 48 minute when Cameron Smith eclipsed has more misery and made the record books but storm just kept doing what they’re doing clinical.

 00:08:39 Yeah cowboys are way off for the moment I know where they’re where that where their heads are at the moment and there’s a lot a lot of issues up there for granted but it was as it is in Paul Gallen coming out and saying about Cameron Smith the best players ever sent or one to play with so that was it was an interesting comment from Gibbs.

 00:08:53 I always thought he hated the game reminded me of an episode from MASH in the end. We’re going into the rabbits and the Warriors now. What do you think of the rabbits in the Warriors game rabbits.

 00:09:04 28 warriors 24. I’ll tell you what the rabbits. They just they just found a way to wind in made out on our ordeal 24 12 and they just found a way to comebacks led by Sam Burgess and Cody Walker I think they’re just doing their thing as well they look really good. And Aaron.

 00:09:19 Yeah well Cody. He’s got four tries Cody Walker is becoming a write off a really good football I know he’s been playing well for a lot of a few years now but come late and the question’s always been where’s it. Where was he before that nice spot. Probably where was his head up before that because right. He’s an outstanding football and to score for Tris and to win. And that that phone or try that he scores and it just over the line. But it was a great effort by him. I bet the warriors I thought they were coming over pretty strong but they had that that injury to green the five eight days before on the warm up sale is pretty hard once they lose him because he’s instrumental that that side especially that young kid who’s a 5 8 Cut Cut is the name eludes me it’s just lucky Easter’s coming because the remains I reckon could have easily lost that one.

 00:10:00 The Knights versus manly manly 26 Newcastle 18.

 00:10:05 You know what my heart bleeds for the Newcastle fans are full of so much hope at the start of the year. They came out of the gate strong with a win over the Sharks in round one and they just seem to be pulling up short there ever since. But you know I don’t lose patience to unite fans it’s a long season and you never know. I think I think Brandy still had some good cattle up there. And he’s a guy right.

 00:10:24 Your thoughts are.

 00:10:25 You made a big big choice and felt by putting Pom out at 5 8 at the start of the year and I trained there all year. Now he’s had to put him back in was sort of a Hail Mary play for four Brandy and I but it is a great play a great coach. But unfortunately they couldn’t get the the wood over the Eagles who were without their star player not to avoid it. So well done a manly man.

 00:10:48 So now I think the younger Dez he’s got him thinking. Defense defense defense mainly if they’re going well the Sharksvs. the Roosters.

 00:10:56 Well you know just some poor quick options there right at the break cost was a point gave all the momentum back to the Roosters and we never really regained composure the sharks after that so tough I mean we’re coming up against the Sharks to be the defending premiers but hopefully they will be better this week.

 00:11:12 Yes a lot of injuries with the sharks. So no real excuse. But now that four feet is our looks at Lochte John Morris was saying there was over a thousand games of first grade experience out on the bench now. So they’re going to go tough. I’m still questioning that. Quick question and John Morrison always playing to hook hookers a I don’t think he’s utilizing that well enough.

 00:11:31 If he’s not gonna use applies it better. I think one of them is gonna go. Yeah.

 00:11:35 Look the reason is to smooth clean they’re very close to the Dragons versus the Bulldogs dragons dogs what were the dogs doing.

 00:11:43 I mean 40 points to four St George and Luke and out Phillips who’s a great supporter of the show Luke’s jump and warns of dragons Luke.

 00:11:54 Now the Dragons fans had planned a cheer about I mean you know 40 to 40 points had a great day out there. Yep the Jubilee.

 00:11:59 Yeah. They were on fire weren’t they Mary’s got to go well without their gun background as well and for sailors coming back and killing it. But Duffy Duffy’s doing a good job at the back as well you know look it’s so weird about I’m not too sure what’s going on with the pits. Is he. Is he due to come back all right.

 00:12:16 Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Well that latter part of the season right. Oh that will be interesting to see what happens when he comes back with the Bulldogs as I said a couple of weeks ago. Sorry Mark. They’ll be lucky to win four games. The Raiders versus the Eels Defense Defense Defense Raiders nineteen Eagles Zip.

 00:12:34 And I’ll tell you what it was a tough night at the office for Blake Ferguson I mean not only broken ribs his nose is spread all the way across his face and he’d be he’d be still sore now from that guy who always hurts more when you lose to yeah when he reckoned Aaron.

 00:12:49 Yeah. Oh they’re gone right. The Raiders aren’t they they’re they’re a good strong side. He’s got them going strong. You know their backs and their policy the policy combination is I don’t know what’s gone on because I’ve played a classmate in Bradford just that probably the next suburb across a lot of mixed suburbs across and that’s a tough old neighborhood. Bradford was very strong when not when I played there and you know a couple of those boys that come over there now and Don and Chad the Aussies had. How do I just just with that big shout agent vows just just tuned in to watch. That was his ex origin origin play. Play with my customers best been named coach of the Fijian women’s side. Well done Well done mate.

 00:13:29 Yes. Now the Raiders are up there with the best this year. But can they go on with it. Yeah. Well we asked a question earlier about some great comebacks and many more is just posted a comment here that I want to get to before the naked punt runs out of juice and that’s he said Ben Ross to come back from a broken neck. Definitely very courageous and Ross he’s a great bloke. So a good friend of ours. Friend a good friend of this show that you Rosie there Donny. We’ve got the frank high knees and we’ve done that.

 00:13:59 Well it’s all right I guess. Don’t get me wrong paid for by me again. That’s right. Okay so it’s

 00:14:06 my fault. I just did it without tipping. We got the NRL tipping how we going.

 00:14:10 We do have the tipping there’s been a bit of a shuffle around it in the tips this week. The tip of the round with the 50 dollar cooking Cove out she goes to Kevin Easton. So well done to Kevin there’s a list of the top tippers up there now and I would say Jay Jay means two up there and I think Tony Dale’s in there somewhere so make sure you guys are getting your tips in enjoying the typical comp there’ll be a link on our page somewhere so you can. Kevin Easton head seven.

 00:14:41 That’s great to do Glenn Fitzgerald Elizabeth Tibbetts Michael Robinson Julian Assange I my reason.

 00:14:50 Nice nice guy.

 00:14:51 Well Adam Barnes the Barnes has done five so well done guys. But as always the naked punt we don’t only like to celebrate the great tippers and the ones leading we are the more special segment that I like to call the tip. And this week it’s a guy that’s gone from the penthouse to the shit has been the tip of the round the last two weeks in a row. Justin Fitzgerald we’ll be taking that pronouncement out your back. I’ll keep it from you now.

 00:15:16 Yeah definitely Mario Saatchi and Tippi eventually air was lifted by now. Good idea. I like that scene. That’s a good segment. To be honest though I don’t want to be mentioned in there. It’s pretty close as we go through.

 00:15:32 Look we’re going to have a conversation about champions and I’m gonna open up the forum to both you guys. Down. We were talking about Greg Inglis.

 00:15:43 What what are your thoughts about the situation. By having Greg over I mean.

 00:15:49 He hasn’t really alluded as to a strong reason why he retired but I guess you know his body’s just had enough or the desire is not there. You know I just wish him well in life after football and I’d like to one of the journalists wrote through the week when they said you know the game just needs to really give him a Hagen and you know because he’s been a a servant of the game for so long and he’s set a benchmark so high for anyone to come after him. You know I just wish him well and in retirement and thank him for the memories Joy you got some thoughts on that.

 00:16:19 And I was a little bit confusing. I think the the the statements that Greg was saying but look I don’t know whether it was mental issues or his body or a bit of both on but again today is is not the first one to retire Greg and this is not gonna be the last one you know from injuries and look I mean I actually retire from an injury when I was over in England but I didn’t get the hoo ha that Greg got I’m not sure I didn’t I don’t deserve it either but there were some great footballers have done it before and are just too great.

 00:16:44 Like if he ever wants to talk to anyone about it there’s plenty of other legends out there who have had to retire because of who are some of the ways that we’ve had. Yeah yeah it was it was wild we spoke about your old man Sergeant.

 00:16:55 He retired quite a mommy and was quoted when he retired he actually said I wish I had remembered walking off a doctor’s walking off the football field and not every doctor’s surgery.

 00:17:05 Yeah. So there’s plenty people that do. That to finish up but not the way they want they want to. But I guess the fairy tale ending. Yeah and that’s right and that’s. And Greg’s got a you know he’s got a great history and he’s got great leadership roles within the Indigenous community and and everyone I w just think well we’re on air if there’s any if there’s anybody that you guys can think of run a bison and we’d love to have a look at that and leave us a comment on.

 00:17:32 Yeah yeah. What you thought about joy and it’s great to see sales you know he’ll be there in an ambassador type of role and a great wealth of experience to have on what I thought was rather cool is that they’re looking at his contract to say you know is it going to be affecting their player movement energized. So I think he said he’s he’s waived the one point five million to to ease up the salary cap. Yeah.

 00:17:54 Because. Yeah. But what they’re saying is that because he’s going to get paid and employed by the club. That that’s going to subsidize all that at the end of the day South Sydney are now short one great player and I don’t think that should come under the salary cap. Look it’s.

 00:18:10 It doesn’t not going to hurt anyone over salary cap police back.

 00:18:14 What is rape is really about what Souths are going to do is they probably gonna use mass that one point five the guy get another great player and I don’t see a problem with that. I don’t see a problem because they’re losing one of the greatest you know they’re not gonna get anyone as good as Greg. You know when and if the club plays him pacing money well then letting let them and then the NRL is going to jump on board as well so they’re going to utilize him just as much about South Sydney he’s going to do it so they shouldn’t punish South Sydney for a holy crap. Well I want to send a few shout outs too because we only got Robin Smith to join the conversation semi Robertson is always down there in Canberra that you Sammy Luke Phillips is on board Steve Scott Chloe Maxwell married to my brother I’m here in Queensland thanks for tuning in Chloe make sure you guys are hitting the like in the share button and good to have you on board Phil Taylor was also on board says great Charlotte’s Kylie Lucas also joined before she was instrumental in the running mate what’s happened over the weekend on a Friday and Saturday so. Yeah. He’s also. An. Opportunity like she’s a great supporter thanks thanks you had a function on the weekend with a great white share what was that that was that was run by the committee which I’m part of and Ben Ross Stuart rape and Alan Wilson’s part of that committee but Collie Collie Lucas is instrumental she is the one the contact that all the cruel people always or the ex players send or their emails to say it was a great if a great turnout we heard about 140 turned on it Donnie turned up but he was a bit tired because he had just started a triathlon that saw calves.

 00:19:43 Guys we want to go back to the fame pole make sure you got the Senate in your greatest comebacks who do you guys know of out there that’s been someone that’s made a comeback doesn’t have to be rugby league will be Tiger Woods it can be nineteen only going back to nineteen ninety one pipeline masters Tom Carroll snap under the lucky for a better comeback you know that was awesome.

 00:20:04 So we’ve got some comments we’ve got a very important commercial coming up and we’ll be back.

 00:20:09 Hi my name’s Scott Maxwell Eddie executive producer of the naked punt footy show and owner of Big Dog studio. Now looking for my stars agents and sponsorship partners range of packages for small business up to major corporate. So if you love sales and you think you may be interested but please give me a call or send this message. Cheese and speaks. And what about we get it where.

 00:20:34 Your a little lorry awards. What do you see as the lorries guys what we want to do is connect with you guys in all the 16 clubs so we want to make sure we’re connecting with all 16 NRL clubs. We’re looking for the most passionate supporters out there and we’re naming them the lorry in honour of the great late great Lawrie Nicholls who was probably the most passionate supporter to ever withdraw breath. A wild man so that you know someone at your club that’s passionate gets behind him has all the paraphernalia paints their house the colours of the club make sure you tag when we get get get the chance Yes and we’ll say that leads us into the gallery.

 00:21:11 So we got some gallery pictures.

 00:21:13 I think we have look at that. Looks familiar. But if. You.

 00:21:27 Look back at some writings he. He doesn’t make sure you guys are sending in hashtags like the naked punt via Instagram and your peer across the feed and there Scotty Brett from the boys down there at.

 00:21:41 Look at the face on my. That was a sad face. I tell you very sad.

 00:21:47 Beautiful.

 00:21:48 So this week’s games with these week’s games and I’m going to talk about the passing on the eve for you tips of course and your thoughts. The Sharks versus the Panthers only.

 00:21:59 I’m going to the NRL tipping up. I have been subject to change and light notice but I’m gonna tip the Panthers because the sharks are under injury claim gals playing with the needle fairly reasonable Aaron.

 00:22:11 All his game playing or not. Is it easy. He would now just pick someone as.

 00:22:17 Sharks. Sharks. Yeah.

 00:22:20 Look I’d have to be honest I’m going I’m not going but I think the Panthers will we’ll do it and then type on the Bulldogs and the rabbit eyes.

 00:22:28 I’ll go with the rabbit say based on the Bulldogs performance last week against the Dragons I think rabbits to stroke the Bulldogs.

 00:22:35 Now halves need better half excessively tight Walker.

 00:22:38 I think it’s the easiest pick of the round that one the stormvs. the Roosters.

 00:22:43 Yeah I’ll tell you what this is. Flip of the coin in the end.

 00:22:47 I’m just purely going on home ground advantage I’m going home with the storm because it’s down there. I’ll take home ground. Still yep I can’t wait for this game storm.

 00:22:55 Warriors and the Cowboys warriors cowboys I’ll tell you what it’s all about. You’ll probably get some good value there. The Warriors of forty the Cowboys2.0 is 90 in a two horse race. I’m going to people go in for an upset strategic upset and who isn’t cowboys captain.

 00:23:11 They can’t win the Cowboys they go on hopeless. Come on the Warriors. Were little fan favorite the Warriors this year. I’m not in them. Dad was gone for an obvious plus routine.

 00:23:22 I think the Cowboys got belted last week. They won’t be up for it make the Warriors will get them dragonsvs. the sea eagles.

 00:23:28 Changing it can be dragons saying it was gone for another upset.

 00:23:34 You know what I think the seagulls can roll the Dragons I think. I don’t know why but if you’re looking for some value to do dollars 75 seagulls in a two horse race one to 12 you probably get three dollars 50. Like your logic Donny you Aaron.

 00:23:48 No no no.

 00:23:50 Now that drags account to go down. Fire live at home as well. Yeah yeah. No. But nothing was coming out well but I’m.

 00:23:57 I’m gonna go to the now and I’m gonna leave Donny on gown that the Eagles make and. They look good and I think that can cause an upset. Titans versus the Knights.

 00:24:06 Very well. This will be a cracking game of football on my team.

 00:24:10 The Titans going over the Titans and the Knights titans at home and I would love to get the Titans.

 00:24:18 Let’s go to Times where I just saw another another comeback. Evander Holyfield agent Vassar. Yeah. Oh yeah. Well a couple of people have been putting down a couple of couple of once I skips sent I’m through through iPods and the juice so I can’t comment.

 00:24:32 I think I’m going to go for the Knights in that one because they’re gonna do it for branding because I don’t think Bernie might last much longer than I did for branding the Raiders and the Broncos. I’m going to go with the Broncos Raiders a favorite but I’m just going for upsets this week and strategic because I want to.

 00:24:49 Jump ahead in almost watching the show last year did you do a couple of strategic tests had they got right good did I got you bastard. I’ll be on the Titans notions said you go in the favorites I want to roll the Raiders in the Broncos you’ve tipped the Broncos and you’re on Raiders I’m going to go the Raiders two and the last but not least eels versus the Tigers a good guy who was versatile is the new is that the brand new Bankwest stadium out in Parramatta.

 00:25:17 You know what just the Eagles without Blake Ferguson.

 00:25:22 I know it’s really a toss of a coin if I had one up flip it yep I’m undecided and decided to wait last minute tip though we’ll have to wait for next week I guess I may go targets I was going to lose their first game at their new house then well last time they played to the new house I think they won the comp that year so eels could be win win and not only this game but the competition. Gentlemen.

 00:25:49 I’m with you Aaron ongoing the new stadium first app. I think the occasion will rise look. That was fantastic. Boy look I’m just wondering what you are up to for the weekend. Don’t do anything exciting for the Easter week.

 00:26:03 This weekend it is the Easter weekend which is always a family favorite. You know you get four days off I’m going to pump the kids full of chocolate wipe them up set them loose in the backyard after the dogs and just sit back and watch show beautiful. Yeah and yourself.

 00:26:18 Well my kids aren’t at home anymore I don’t see them anymore. They’re not my daughters got a license my son just gets dropped everywhere from her so I don’t see the kids so there’s no chocolates I mean theMrs. gonna eat all the chocolate.

 00:26:28 Then I’ll be on the work so I’m having a crap weekend don’t you. It says you’re having a veto on the movie my drama is associated with I’m with you and we’re going to keep the country going.

 00:26:37 That’s our book is really a pleasure having a company again tonight and on behalf of.

 00:26:41 Yeah. Thank you guys for tuning in make sure you hit the like in the share button before you sign out. Make sure you invite your friends go to the tab and it’s been good.

 00:26:49 And young Erin and it was a little share that you wanted. Oh yeah. Oh yeah we.

 00:26:54 On a personal note as well to send a shout out to Graham 80 up there on in the trade area. I think it be anywhere in the family.

 00:27:02 All right good night everyone and we’ll see you next Wednesday at 8:00p.m. on the naked punt.

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  1. Although not the greatest comeback overall but I have to Ben Ross after his terrifying neck injury, to show relsilance, courage and guts and to break through that adversity was and is the greatest comeback that still resonates with me ! Sharks by 12 tommorrow might ! Great show guys yet again !

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