Special Announcement – The Naked Punt Sunday Footy Show

Announced live last night to our viewers this weekend we launch The Naked Punt Sunday Footy Show which includes a fan generated commentary of the Sharks vs Manly at 4PM AEST.

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How Australian Rugby League fans are helping American Football lovers during COVID-19.

[Sydney, NSW, June 25, 2020—] Today, The Naked Punt Footy Show – a weekly, Australian, livestream show announced the launch of a new, fan-generated “Sunday Footy Show” to help sports-starved, American Football fans get their live sports fix during COVID-19. 

In March, like all sports around the world, the Australian National Rugby League (NRL) competition was stopped by the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Fortunately for Aussie footy fans, the season recommenced a few weeks ago, with much delight to fans, players, clubs, sponsors and broadcasters. 

“Sport, with its ability to connect generations of families, communities and people, plays a vital social role in Australian culture and many other societies around the world” said Scott Maxworthy, Executive Producer of the Naked Punt and CEO of Max Media and Entertainment.

“When something is suddenly gone, we first miss it and then crave it.  At the Naked Punt, we are a voice of the fans and we put fans first.  We want to give back and share the NRL fan experience with other sports-starved football fans around the world”.  said Brett Maxworthy, co-host of The Naked Punt.

“Fans around the world are starving for sports, even those sports with which they aren’t terribly familiar. From teenagers to professionals, SportsCastr’s global community of fans, from New York to Buenos Aires, are sure to embrace The Naked Punt and the great game of Rugby League.” said Nick Schupak, VP Partnerships & Community at SportsCastr.

The NRL is the premier Rugby League competition consisting of 16 teams and is the highest rating sporting content on Australian television. The game, a 100+year-old breakaway from the more world-wide known Rugby Union version is a fast, high contact, highly entertaining and easy to understand, sport. 

Avid fans include actor Russell Crowe (Owner of the South Sydney Rabbitohs); F1’s Mark Webber is a Canberra Raider (once a Raiders ball boy), and Wolverine’s Hugh Jackman supports the Manly Sea Eagles (the team everybody hates).   

“Existing mainstream broadcasters tend to assume viewers know all the rules”. said Matt Harrison, co-host of the Show “that’s just not the case”. 

The Naked Punt Sunday Footy Show will provide near real-time synced fan commentary running complimentary to the main Free to Air television; paid TV and WatchNRL App broadcasts using the SportCastr platform. 

Simulcast viewers will be able to lower the main broadcast volume and The Naked Punt commentary team will provide a lighter, more “new-fan-friendly” interactive educational and entertaining viewer experience. 

The Show will also include a segment to help new fans pick which team to follow and a new Fan2Fan Face2Face-Off segment – where fans from both sides compete in a one to one, friendly banter competition.  

“With the borders closed and the world in chaos, the ‘Naked Punt Sunday Footy Show’ is a welcome relief for us Aussie ex-pats here in the United States,” said Joe Ward, a St George Dragons and 49er’s fan from the San Francisco Bay Area. “Many NFL fans will love the game – the big hits, the similarities to the NFL, the non-stop action and the friendly Aussie banter”

The Naked Punt Sunday Footy Show will launch Saturday 11 PM PDT  https://facebook.com/nakedpunt (Sunday 4 PM AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)).

The weekly midweek show live streams Wednesday 5 AM EDT/ 2 AM PDT  (Wednesday, 7PM AEST) 

Max Media and Entertainment (“Maxys”) is a marketing consultancy and livestream video production company formed by brothers Scott Maxworthy, ex-Cronulla Sharks Head of Digital Media and Actor/  Entertainer Brett Maxworthy.  The business helps brands  maximise the convergence of technology, people, content and data to increase customer experience and results.  https://maxys.com.au

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If you would like more information about this topic, please call Scott Maxworthy at +61 (0) 424 634 615 or email scott@maxys.com.au.

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