The Naked Punt – NRL 2020 Grand Final Edition.

NRL Grand Final Week 2020 Edition

The Bunnies and Raiders lament and a very slick Storm go on to play a very youthful Panthers.

We’ve a big Naked Punt Show planned for Wednesday night and our final show for the year.

Is Cam the GOAT? Will he exit on a high and be an NRL marketers dream come true?

Will everybody in NSW be backing the Panthers?

Who is going to stand on the podium Sunday night and then party for days.

Yep, we love Grand Final week and can only imagine the buzz out at the ‘Riff

Please join Rugby League sports nuts Bretty Max, Matty H, Benny “The Wit”, Handsome Harold, Luke the Swearing Chef and our special guests for the Naked Punt 2020 Grand Final Edition.

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  1. WHat has been Pissing me oFF this season wAs that That a couple of the Sydney teams didn’t have many if Any away team tickets when it was held at their home grounds.

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