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47 thoughts on “The Naked Punt Footy Show – RND06
  1. Oh my,
    Just heard the news that Cronulla have yet again punted their NRL Coach.
    I appreciate the Roosters brown paper bag parade are quick to jump on the band wagon but hey, what’s the deal at Cronulla.
    It sure brings a whole new meaning to the expression of being able to run a Chook raffle.
    I always thought accountability was about performance at all levels.
    Could it be there are a few pretenders floating around Cronulla?

  2. i support the sharks management , i liked bomber morris but last sat nite was a poor result. the decision has been made we need to move on . roster reshuffle required .

  3. And what about the trainers and support staff? Do they keep a job? Very early but new coach bring in his own support team??

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