The Naked Punt Footy Show – Mum’s Day Edition – S03EP09

Good evening and welcome to International Women’s Day and Mothers Day Edition of the Naked Punt NRL Footy Show, live from the Big Dog Studio in Maxys Virtual Pub 7:00 PM, Wednesday nights.

Whether you’re a Raider, a Rooster, a Bronco, or a Bulldog, whichever team you support, if you love your footy and then you’re welcome here at the Naked Punt.

This week brought to you by the fluffy pj’s at

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55 thoughts on “The Naked Punt Footy Show – Mum’s Day Edition – S03EP09
  1. They thought stuart mcgill was shane warne, then one of the kidnappers went fuck,he aint blonde,we got the wrong bloke, this fella has got no money! Let him go

      1. I think the 1st try was they awarded the try, showed on the big screen a few times he was short of the line, next minute bunker is telling the ref it needed to be reviewed. Try then disallowed. Same as Jack whighton on thursday, he had a try awarded, then a few replays shown, next minute bunker says needs to be reviewed. Whatever happened to umpires or refs decision stands? Game is just shit with trying to find ways not to give points.

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