The Naked Punt Footy Show – Eggplant Edition

Seriously, if score blowouts weren’t killing interest in the game, we apparently have some privileged eggplant heads bringing to game into further disrepute. Mind-boggling!!!

Join us in the pub this Wednesday night at 7PM to discuss these events and more.

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61 thoughts on “The Naked Punt Footy Show – Eggplant Edition
  1. I still remember the saying; man with tool in hand not necessarily mechanic. Plenty of mechanics in Shell Harbour on the weekend. A disgrace and an out & out blight on the game. Captain Snooze hiding behind a lounge, oh please spare me, one would hope consent was obtained to hide behind the lounge.!!!!

  2. Anybody Hiding under the Bed or Running from the Police should have their Registration Torn Up. Not Roll models they want to pay for.

  3. Oh Bugger I forgot the Sharky Memberships for Upgrading for any Smerge Supporters on the Panel… They are Entry Level memberships but still an Upgrade.

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