The Naked Punt NRL Footy Show – 2021 RND20 Edition (Ep80)

Join Handsome Harold and the Nakxd Punt NRL Footy Team to discuss all the latest news and issue this week.


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Good evening, ladies, gentlemen, and Zeus Zirs. Please take your seats. The show is about start. The Naked Pant has been created by footy fans for footy fans. So please help spread the love and like share and invite your friends or just latest to leave us a comment, guys.

19:00:01 MATT [feature request example]

And good evening, viewers, and welcome to round 20 of the n’Roll NRL, and episode 80. Together we’ve got 100. So that’s for our math. Out of the way of the naked in our footy show are locked down. Addition number three, zooming in live to the big dog studio next to a pub every Wednesday night at seven pm.

Whether you’re a tiger or tighten the pants or a knife, whichever team you support, I didn’t see any dragons written there. If you love your footy a beer and a little bit, then you’re welcome here at the Naked Punt Footy Show.

My name is Matt Harrison and I’m joined by Benny “Redbeard” Whittaker. Unfortunately, Reggie Bretty, I don’t know how to Zoom Maxworthy’s and unavailable. And our special guest, the Whiti witty, the wise, the veteran of Speedos Shox Sharks Media Manager, Robbie Willis.

And while we didn’t get you anything about the other two video was. But yeah, nice to be with your voice.

Time will tell. I will tell as look down trading with this ligament.

I’m a little bored, but yeah, I’m doing stuff from home and pop my head in the office when I’m allowed and yeah, it’s going as it is. It is what it is, as they say.

Well, good news is maybe you’re not in a bubble, so you’re allowed out on the veranda,

you know, and actually, the boys are out of the bubble looking out for the headlines. The narrow players were there and they bubbling Croisette at six-thirty. So lookout.

Well, I’m sure we’ll have some breaking news within the minutes. Has ever even he has your week been like, oh yeah.

Might not not quite like rugby. He’s far from boring mate. We’ve got the out of homeschooling going on in the other week, a household which has been very entertaining. And of course, we’ve got the Olympics on bloody perfect time for the lock down.

Plenty of sport to watch. Becoming an expert in all things. Beach volleyball, equestrian and obviously the weightlifting is a big one for me,

but I have to do that just deaning up. Do you think this is another conspiracy theory? Might that the Olympics were scheduled specifically for locked in? What do you reckon?

That sounds good to me, mate, you can imagine that the Adobe viewership on the pay per view channels, et cetera, would be skyrocketing right now. No one else got anything else to do do that.

It’s a shame, mate, that you missed. It hasn’t had a chance to do any of the washing, because clearly that’s the only reason you’d still be wearing that jersey.

I’ve got hundreds of hundreds.

What’s on to the what many

may what have we got on tonight’s show will, of course, look at all the latest footy news issues, plus all the week’s footy games, including the banquette, consistently getting it wrong. Mad Madden Arsace saying there is a technology for lying ball calls tennis.

Why can’t we adopt the same or similar technology for lying holes in our game? We’d like to hear the viewer’s feedback on this one, of course, guys.

What do you think, Robbie? What’s your thoughts on that, Mike?

Oh, there’s plenty of bunkroom over bunko, as you said, how to get them right. So I don’t know if we need more. Banca long calls like those are the major issue. Are they really? We got our problem bigger than

Michael’s, but

there’s plenty of plenty of bunkum for me. Already know more.

Yeah, I’m pretty well bunkered out, to be honest. You know, we manage, what, nearly a hundred years without the bunker and all of a sudden everything has to go to it. The whole world revolves around it. What are your thoughts, Betty?

Yeah, I look. What, it’s 50/50. It’s just sit there and you watch the replays on television. Firstly, obviously, all the supporters see it and see it being played live in front of their face. And if the referees don’t have the ability to to see that evidence before they make their calls, we do.

And they don’t make they get the vitriol no matter what. I don’t like the slowing down the fight to watch the replays 20 minutes after the actual fight happened at the other end of the field. Most definitely. But as long as the boys are getting it right, I don’t mind it whatsoever.

But they’re not fucking getting it right. They so it’s a bit of a shit up.

Let’s be honest, the last on slow-motion was worth its weight was Baywatch.

Teacher, I’ll be there. We’re going to take a look at your life.

I don’t want to try one, but I want to try and have a quick look. And but still obstructions and all this stuff is a bit much to me that that is what it is. You got to deal with it.

And that’s the way the world at the moment

might not agree with you. Be on the trial on is already a break. They’ve stopped anyway. No, no big deal. They have to look like. We’re going to take a look at the Olympics, too, tonight, guys. Have you got a favorite moment so far?

Right now, I do. Arion Titmus, the 200 and 400 meter champion, the third in history. What an absolute legend. Of course, there are a coach gowland ballistic ultimate warrior still all up in the stands. And I’ve heard one of the best comments I’ve heard in a while over Twitter during the week.

The best thing to come out of Tasmania since Ricky Ponting Photoshop.

Let’s hopefully we’re talking about the cricket. What about yourself?

Player obviously enjoyed the Titmus swims, the two of them. But the rowing today was brought down to one of those boys. I was at home locked up in isolation, and it was good to see the boys. And then the girls both get just across the line and just in dawn.

So that was that was a bit of a up for me today.

Yeah, look, I think for me, two highlights. One is the the belle of the backstroke hashtag foggier. And and our surfer getting his medal after coming back from brain injury by a massive comeback story. I reckon that’s there’s got to be a documentary made on that one.

All right. Can we Endemol Shaun will be right in there to make a story on that one.

Chris Horner, Chris Orpington is a TRIOR fitness trainer these days and he trains a lot of surfers and he actually trains Ellen Wright and his sister Alan, sister Talla. So good run for Heino as well. And he’s helped get him back on track.

So well done.

My kudos to Joe Horn. I might I’ve heard very good things about him as a trainer.

Yeah, he’s got he’s got some business going up there, even a gal plug in his business the other day, he had laid the tee shirt on, so I know what he would have liked to it to. But anyway.

It wasn’t prevented.

There’s a fair bit of real estate water.

The heart of.

It wasn’t training any skateboarders wasI if Gauloises their.

No, I don’t think. I wasn’t skateboarding was kicking a footy, you’re having these young black girls leaving the skateboard alone now.

Yeah, I think he’s doing some sort of video on how to pull. It. What about breaking news like Benny? Anything from you?

Yeah, might well, something I’ve just said this afternoon, I could have got down there at the at the the right is obviously looking for a new club. It seems like the the Tigers are interested to to fill a hole in their roster, maybe joining as soon as next week to join their squad.

Good luck with that, Tigers. Any breaking news from literally,

I guess a little bit from the sharks? The news on on Shawn Johnson hasn’t been good. The hamstring chairs a fairly severe. At least eight I’m hearing. And eight weeks is round two of the finals. We may have seen lost to Shawn.

Well, at least in black, white and blue.

Yeah, that’s what I mean. So yeah, it’s it’s obviously pretty bad hamstring tear this deal more than the other one. Hirani, my wiener already had it surgery on his hand today. So he’s out for indefinite period. We’re running out of troops out there.

So I’m not sure how they’re going to fit them all in there.

So you get nervous every time the phone rings, but they won’t get you to put some boots on?

No, no. I don’t think they’re that desperate. But Will Chambers’s managed to sneak his way across the border without Anastasiya finding him. So he’ll be available this week, which is a good thing

that she’ll find him. As long as she can get a headline on it, she’ll find him.

Isaac is a Queensland treasure is Queensland treasure from Diamond.

Let’s not go there. We got a fair bit of depth in the sharks in the half zero. I don’t think it’s a great I mean, obviously Sean’s a brilliant player, but we’ve certainly got some depth.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we do. Tracy in Brighton, Schindall might be a bit of an audition over the next months to those two and and moiling doubtful this week, probably the week after. So someone’s going to probably partner Nicole into next year and there’s a chance for those three to put their best foot forward.

So that would give Moylan’s. And next week you’ll be out for a few weeks of injury and won’t be back for the final set of Arrow.

Leave Maddie line here is doing his best.

Very good. Robbie, can you say that we got can you say the remote? I don’t know. And I sorry, can you see the remote guests that have come in? So sorry to the viewers or not.

Oh, you. Phil Taylor’s got a comment there, Shane, Bugsy O’Hare’s made your boysie, and

then I did get to say in the champion

Tony Hanah couple from Dave Madden. So, yeah, there are a few of those who had logging in and saying goodbye.

It’s Phil reckons porn must be cheering John Paul Vaughan on a one year deal.

Yeah, good on you can you can have a good riddance to bad rubbish.

Well, at least you know where you’ll be invited to a barbecue it. But last week’s results, guys, have a quick look at the the games, what, Thursday, eel’s 10 lost to the right as well. What are your thoughts, B?

Yeah, well, the right is that that’s that’s some of the the the quickest line speed I’ve seen from a team in defense and Nunatak, to be fair, from a team this year, they came out really, really fired up, like to say a game pretty much close to nil all.

Well, it was well, I think at halftime and I think was saying that a long time, everyone wingin about the rules and how fast the game is and the game’s blowing out, et cetera, et cetera. Might say a again that tight.

I really enjoyed it. A lot of people on social media saying I was a bit of a bore fest. My dog loved it. And well, down to the right is I deserve that.

So they deployed the first 42, they didn’t quite catch that.

Believe it or not, in the middle of the field, they were a whole the 50 yard line.

Did you catch that one, Rubby,

or did you both fell by three steps off side, which helped keep the score lower? But yeah, they all had their chance to win at the end. But the world under which they were up and down made the choice over in the corner.

So. Right has got the points.

What did you think of that? Draw over?

No controversial. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.

There was not much arms involved. I don’t know where your shoulder starts, but there was certainly no arms. But he got it done.

That’s what he said right now. I mean, that sort of late nights eight.

Betty, Erastus, back to. Sorry, Robbie, you go.

Oh, no, Bruce had some issues in the early I missed the early part of the game and Russa’s had a few injury issues. But yeah, the nights are a bit disappointing for me. Inconsistent nights again, they got Mitchell Pearce last week.

He’ll be back. He probably helped, but the Roosters just were a bit too good.

It it is another one of those things, the first is that they’re winning, playing pretty average football at the moment, which is probably a fair sign for him, obviously, with the cattle, they’ve going out to look at the least, try this out.

They’ve got about 10 first graders out there side doing pretty well, feel really bad. Young Billy Smith, young promising footballer, he’s come back in and done himself a little mischief. They seems like he’s out for another extended period of time.

Best of luck to him, mate. I spent a lot of time in rehab that could

be applied to the week before. I thought he had a really strong game. So, yeah, disappointing for him in at night.

And that wraps on the kid. These might come in now, probably the last two seasons. I think three years ago, he’d done itself in the in the ninth tournament coming into the season. I was out for an extended period.

He come back, played, I think one or two games. I scored a try and pretty much every game except for last week he’s ever played. And obviously he’s only on the field for one or two games each time.

So, yeah, pretty sad for the kids. They’ve had Rapsody for a long time.

Yeah, still time for it. All right, Campbell, is six lost in the storm, 20? What are your thoughts, Rob?

Yeah, the referees did their best to make it a contest. So in the end, the storm just got there.

I couldn’t agree more. What do you what do you think?

Yeah, great. Gritty for both teams that the better, say, come through. In the end,

the rabbit seems to beat the Warriors 22, 18 to point scoring 80 minutes. Not about if it.

Using the Iraq, I think the war is a little bit that they’ve let Roger go home now. The Rabbitohs still are convinced me Rabbitohs that they gave up a few too many points. But when you score 60, you can probably give up a few.

But they do need to be to work Oregon.

Oh, I agree with that.

Thin air floated by the bunnies, but our story is finishing up in a way as sort of just finishing that game and drifting back off to New Zealand. Thank you very much for your service. It’s been great to watch that you carry that same on your back pretty much all the time.

You’ve been there, though, don’t you?

Yeah, I think there’s going to be a big hole left when he as he departs Siegel’s forty four and it’s August 24 then.

Yeah. You know, tell me Turbo with a relatively quiet gangster theme as well as usually the catalyst, the most points. What a lot of points out why young Sentara guys in three tries and might they look like a top bullycide Dunlap’s.

They look better than the Ale’s at the moment.

They do a little bit of rope.

Yeah, they’re going to be a challenge for us this week, that’s for sure. That was far too good, really, once I got. Once I got into the rhythm of the game to go to the Tigers, they pretty ordinary.

Yeah, we won that. One thing I did notice in the game. Tiger scored pretty much under the post. Both of each brothers missed the tackle and just looked at each other. I thought that is way back to Junior’s backyard, Don.

It was your fault. I reckon they would have copped it with each other at halftime. Panthers, I’d beat the Broncos 12.

Rob, pantheism. You know, I mean, obviously they’ve got a bit of cattle out, but might not be that close against the Broncos tonight, I can’t say that maybe getting close to the storm this weekend, which will come to next week’s games, but I think they’re that far behind in the moment.

It’s not funny that they need Cleary back.

Yeah, it really missing Clariant Brian. Oh, he’s out this week, too, so that’s another place. Oh, runs for 400 days every week. So he’s going to be missed.

A six weeks, I reckon. What was that next guy? Did you want to announce that?

Oh, yeah. No, I’d love to. Thanks, Matt. Thanks for sticking to Mass Dragons 10 loss to the Titans 30 two in one of the more embarrassing performances of dragons put together in a while, we’ll talk and pre show.

I don’t think I’ve seen a performance that bad since the Elbaum losing to sixty against Manly back in the late nineties. I think it was so sad song to be a dragon, but I wear our colors 24/7 that way I.

What do you think, Rob?

Yeah, I wasn’t quite sure about the defensive player with Cody Ramsey, who’s about seventy five Keelie agreeing with Mark and up on David Fifita.

Unbelievable. That was an

ability to try to do it, but it didn’t quite work.

The other was a sensational guy myself. All credit to the Titans

and the last one. Yeah. The Bulldogs tful lost to the Shaq’s forty four. Well done boys. Shawn Johnson out for a fast stint. He was on fire in the first 10, 15 minutes. Looked like they could have put literally one hundred on the dogs at that stage.

I was even going off obviously quite into the game, down a little bit, but I’m most excited to have these two guys pretty well together for the next couple of weeks. Showed a couple of songs.

My I would just like to thank them for reinstating my sportsmen account because it was down to almost zero and it’s back. So I look out. Penny, you took a bite?

I had a tough night. Storm Panthers arrest despite numbers pretty much. Do they have any stolen Panthers on 30 full Rabbitohs, 32 Eagles. Twenty eight roosters on twenty six manly. Twenty four sharks and the dragons rounding out the top eight on 80 points.

It’s a battle from here after the ingoing

soon to be out of the eight. Benni, what do you reckon?

Yeah, and we are. They should be there in the first place. It’s a disgrace that either of us today, to be fair.

All right, Robbie. Roger, what pisses you off this week?

Maybe politicians in general, Italy especially, premiers from other states crowing about how good they’re going and how bad Wiggum like this goose over and why they get one case, they shut the whole state down. And now he’s telling us that we don’t know what we’re doing.

So the Victorian blokes know better at any stage is probably the worst of the lot. So I guess the three of them. Prolate top my list for this week.

Vehicle Robbie. All right,

Betty, you’re the naked footy coach and tipping cup results are in Johnny Portland Meadows is this week’s top table with seven out of eight. You played the Joker in twenty two places in the fourth position. So if you’re watching live tonight Champion to win your budgie Tilley’s jerky from Tony, just send us a message.

Also congrats to Steve and they will Monkeyface Phillip Brattain Melby for perfect rounds last week and Josh Katz on Migrante Sushi Castle my mate Jimmy from over in Japan. He’s never watched Damos I believe in life good on your yummie and toadfish this week I will state state still leads with Rob Tate in second at a joke

at a place.

And the naked punk tip income brought to you by, look, a mug at face and his lovely wife, Steph. I should have gone to Spicks Savers at coopting

so I can know Nitro. A thing being said, if you will come in. See what else we got any Diaby marionberry since Tiger. Of course. Josh said he wasn’t going to rush back into the lineup, says Diaby Madden.

Well, walk or good to say, Josh and I are staying on with the sharks next year. Good stuff.

Yeah, yeah, it’s good stuff, he’s got a pretty good job under the circumstances this year hasn’t been easy. Got some wins out of them. Yeah, good on him. I think he’ll be good for Fitzii. They’ll work well together.

Know, I think he’s got a couple of years to go as an assistant. But I think he’s a good people manager. My thoughts? And now we’re up to controversy, a controversy catch. Oh, what are you what’s on your agenda, Ben?

What do we got there? Of course, we’re talking to the sharks. I’ve made another signing in a little rampage there in Dallas. Finucan, one of my favorite players. shitI that we didn’t get him. Of course, bellyaches stays on it.

The storm, of course, it got some numbers for him, Bellomy for 90 games. Three hundred and forty wins, a 78 percent win rating, nine grand finals and five five with little asterisk say a premiership for the Melbourne storm.

Signs on again can’t say I’m out at the top for the next four years,

but you want to put that in perspective. Michael Jordan had a little over 33 per cent Wainwright. So I had good Zach.

Crying out for help.

All right, this week’s game Thursday, 750 roosters versus eels. What do you think, Rob?

Yeah, I’ve been saying the tamely is Moses back.

Marriage is still out, as this young man probably in the middle, basically.

I think Josh Morris comes into that. Billy Smith, maybe, maybe they get it done, maybe roosters.

If they might, I think roosts by a fair bit, it’s my I am actually a little bit of the wait going on. There is 13 plus with Teddy Tupou and Manu to score tries 14 points to one back in the russa’s all the wagons Yael’s Eric and Ale’s got nothing

or I think roosters sneakin they’ve forgotten how to win so this will be a little test for them. Then we got Friday six PM Tigers versus warriors. What do you think Ben?

Yeah, made our warriors absolutely decimated. If the tigers don’t go around all of them, it’ll be one of those ones where we look at the end of the game and go with a hot performance by the Warriors.

And rock.

If toys can’t beat them, then I need to have a good look at themselves, so I think I think Target’s better.

Yeah, true. True.

Right straight off, we’ve got Broncos versus Cowboys.

Now, I reckon this is always one of the best games of the earlier in the season. It was one of the best games. It’ll be black in between six points, I reckon. The Broncos on this one.

OK, Robbie,

toss the coin, Joven. It may be Brockhurst by the order and through me, obviously the way they travel, but maybe, maybe the Broncos

and I’m going to go Cowboys purely because they are a bit Tollan for a win Saturday. Three o’clock Dragons Ravitz. Then what do you

rat rabbit rabbits by rabbits. By how many rabbits? By how many. Yours. Yeah, that’s all I’ve been up there. We’re out there. Browny Park in Rockhampton

or even system and will be the score. What do you think, Rob?

Barbecue boys left. Is there any still barbecue there or will they back.

There’s ten out of ten minutes and unrecognizable side as you got Corey Norman playing in the sand night just Rabbitohs by 100. Seriously, could it

be a cricket school? And then after that you’ve got Knights versus Raiders.

Then you might have an iPhone, right, is to get a. Yeah, I made the right at the right essbaum with that fossilize state last, like I said, set aside most of the time, but that’s how we will go.

And so well, the Dragas at the start of the season by taking advantage of the offsider. Well, not doing that anymore. Righties by the Knights could pull out of performance if it goes well. But he’s got a bit of a sternum injury going on.

Nothing wrong with offside might I spent my whole career not stopping those Panthers Stormwind million balls? What are you guys

doing by a million miles? Just too many apps.

Yep, I agree, Rob. Yeah, I think Stormwind faith is defense is pretty solid, though, regardless, pretty. Might not be the blow out, but still get him

still he’ll probably rest a few players, I’m guessing Bulldog’s Thorntons.

What do we need to watch? Could be tight, but I reckon the Titans will do the dogs again. Bulldogs.

Yeah. What do you think, Rob?

Yeah, talking to electric police, they’ll get the Bulldogs. They beat all the local teams.

And then the match of the Rand obviously shocked to see eagles

say Eagles by a hundred.

I nightshades Oregon, the sharks by six. What do you think, Earl?

That’s very optimistic. That’s good, man. Oh, I love that. Yeah. Sharks narrowly, maybe. Hopefully.

And what are you guys out there in the wide world of diving.

Madden reckons Kernell with twenty eight plus gurantee diving.

Stop drinking diet, Raylene, good to see Josh Hanna staying on with the sharks world out. All right, and. What are we going to legalize? All right. If you love a punt on the ponies, join Manly supporter Craig at the pink pad punters tips.

You can get all Craig’s tips in the new Naked Punters Club group on Facebook dot com Backslash groups, backslash naked punters club. And I think that’s all our viewers. Adam Hizbul there, Troy Hanna, Dave Madden, Ray Lane, Phil Taylor

contained Bugsy O’Hair. Absolutely. And many thanks to your comments, like she shares Intel, you might say, these gentlemen.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for watching, and thanks to Ben and Robbie and Scotty for being in our ear and pretending no one else can hear him.

Special thanks to the Big Dog studio cooking cow group Krupali. Fresh and pudgy beef jerky. And if you’d like to partner with the partner, be featured on the show and contact Scott on zero four two four six three four six one thought.

And this is minimax media and entertainment production recorded live from the Big Dog studio in Sydney.

Enjoy your time inside, ladies and gentlemen. Drink lots of beer. Take the sign. Make sure you keep those bottle shops in business. You know our little local struggles.

Absolutely. Have a fantastic look, guys, thank you very much. Good to see you again.

Welcome back for you.

Thanks, Robert. Good on your charges.

He was a veteran. I’m not sure I was video wise, but thanks playing.

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